What’s the only thing better than free gear? Free sustainably-made gear that comes with exclusivity bragging rights. 

The good folks over at Arc’teryx have slung us two of their Gamma MX Hoody ReBird jackets to give away to two lucky Explorers. The winners will also score a pair of sustainable sunnies thanks to the crew at Dragon Alliance

Dragon uses plant-based resin to create its frames, rather than the standard petroleum-based kind that you’ll find almost everywhere else. The material’s made from castor bean oil, a highly resilient and renewable plant resource that creates a strong and durable but light plastic, so they’re tough on the trail without being tough on the planet, noice!

These Arc jackets are not sold in Australia, so you’ll never have to worry about rocking up in the same gear as your mates again!

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What does ReBird mean?

Last year, Arc’teryx launched its circularity program, ReBird. It includes many elements like, resale, care, and repair, but the most exciting part is its new Used Gear product line. Essentially these products reuse material of gear that’s already been on adventures out and about in the world, as well as offcuts and other unused materials, to breathe new life into old gear.

So rather than chucking away a jacket when it becomes slightly damaged or a bright and shiny new one comes along, Arc’teryx is collecting these products and upcycling the material to create its Used Gear line and a more circular economy. We back that!

The Gamma MX Hoody ReBird is designed for alpine conditions and is wind and water-resistant, but still super breathable and comfy, with exceptional room for movement.

So far the Used Gear line is only available in the USA, but one men’s and one women’s jacket have found themselves in Aus, and are looking for their next homes!