Part 3 of the Inside Out Series is now live! This time we’ve gone to shred some POW with Mountain Safety Collective.

Our Gear Editor Matt Wiseman headed out to Ngarigo Country/ Kosciuszko National Park to chat with Craig Sheppard and Alex Parsons from the MSC team and hit the slopes!

If you love to get steep and deep down under (MSC’s words, not mine!), press play and take a listen!



Beyond the resort boundaries a whole world of snow capped mountains exist, they call it the backcountry. Unpatrolled, unpredictable and until recently, unmonitored, backcountry touring can be risky business. Thankfully the legends at MSC are making it safer and more accessible for everyone. 

This series is sponsored by our mates at Arc’teryx who are also Mountain Safety Collective’s signature sponsor. To top it off, Matt is an MSC ambassador. The resulting audio is as warm and fuzzy as you’d expect (well.. actually it snowed A LOT but you catch my drift.) 

Give It To Me

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Photos thanks to @mattwisemanmedia