Fancy a day on a beach with clean white sand, rock-pools-a-plenty and unique formations to explore? Anvil beach has it all! Megan reckons this is the perfect spot for a dragon hunt, and it’s only an hour from Albany.


  • Clean white sand
  • Clear blue water
  • Interesting rock-pools
  • Spectacular rock formations
  • Something for everyone!

The Lowdown

Want to spend a day at the beach surfing? How about just relaxing on clean, white sand?  Or is tiptoeing around rock-pools and jumping between rock formations more your thing? Anvil beach has it all!

About an hour’s drive from either Albany or Denmark in Western Australia you can find one of the best beaches to keep the whole tribe happy.


Beware The Dragons // Anvil Beach (WA) by Megan Warner the rock-pool on anvil beach


Walk down the path to the beach and turn right if you’re wanting to surf and enjoy some sand and sun or walk your dog (this is a beach for more experienced surfers and unless it’s calm you probably don’t want to swim on this side). If rock-hopping is more your cup of tea, then turn left to scramble over the limestone wall which divides the beach in two.

On this side you’ll find rock-pools of all shapes and sizes for swimming, paddling or peering into (do be wary of the inhabitants; blue-ringed octopus are likely to be found here so keep children to the clear, sandy areas).

The Anvil of Anvil Beach

As you make your way along the small bay you’ll see the rock that gives the beach its name.


Beware The Dragons // Anvil Beach (WA) by Megan Warner the rock anvil on anvil beach


If you want to explore further make sure you’ve packed some shoes and a watchful eye – there be dragons! Hear them roar as the swell moves over and through the limestone formations, you may even see them if you use a little imagination!

Note: If you’re able to choose the day you will be there, it could be useful to check the tide times and weather conditions to make the most out of the trip. Low tide is best and sunshine isn’t essential but strong southerly winds could make this spot a little miserable…


Beware The Dragons // Anvil Beach (WA) by Megan Warner beach art on anvil beach

Have some fun making pictures out of the pebbles and other beach treasures.

Essential Gear

  • Camera
  • Covered shoes
  • Imagination
  • Water and snacks
  • Your surfboard, dog, SUP or bathers!

How To Get There

Anvil Beach is located at the end of the Nullaki Peninsula on the edge of the Southern Ocean and Wilson Inlet on the South Coast of Western Australia.


  • Surfing
  • Stand-up paddleboarding
  • Swimming
  • Dog walking
  • Photography
  • Snorkelling

Skill Level

Beginner on the beach. Advanced for those surfing and swimming in the ocean.

Distance Covered

100m – 2km ramble, depending on how far you wish to explore.