Meg’s family pooch has been on more journeys than some humans. He’s been kind enough to share his memoir with us; a tribute to his less furry companions.

I’ve been everywhere, man
I’ve breathed the mountain air, man
Of travel I’ve had my share, man
I’ve been everywhere.


I’m 103 years old and quite frankly, I’m exhausted. I’ve been everywhere, man.

Some would say I’m the most well-travelled dog around. But I prefer to call myself an intrepid explorer, a pathfinder, a pioneer, and a thrillseeker.

I’m not your regular domesticated pet who sleeps in a kennel every night and has one meal a day. No siree.

I’m Sir Henry Bartholomew Jones.


An Ode to My Adventure Family, Meg Law, dog, beach


I’m a fully-fledged purebred Golden Retriever and a handsome one at that. I’m blessed with a long, silky, rich golden mane, a powerful gait (which is the envy of my male friends) and a feathery tail which the girls about town swoon over.

Since I joined my family as a puppy (100 years ago!), I’ve been on countless adventures and travel escapades and have been blessed with a life of exploration.



This family of four are what make my tail wag. There’s the youngest boy – often the first to wake, sporting a mop of shaggy, red hair and a cheeky grin. He loves all things nature, just like his Dad, has a really loud voice, and sings all day long.

Then there’s his cute older sister (another redhead) who I’ve known since she was a baby. She’s the family comedian, always making the family laugh as she flies along the floorboards on her roller skates – she even takes them on all our road trips!

Then there’s Mum and Dad who look after my every need. They’re always packing and unpacking bags, with a map, camera or pen in hand (sometimes a wine too) and both love to give me pats and cuddles.


Whatever I’ve accomplished in exploration has been the result of living with a family who has a serious case of wanderlust and a strong desire to travel and explore the world.

When I recount the endless exploits and family memories we’ve created, often involving novel encounters with wildlife, experiencing new cultures and places, as well as testing our own physical limits, I’d describe our collective exploration style as ‘serious business’, not just a whimsical pursuit of adventure.

At every opportunity for freedom, we hit the open road together, exploring the hills, valleys, rivers, and mountains which rise in every direction. Our travels have opened my eyes to new and wonderful places, increased my curiosity level, honed my skills in traversing sand, mud and snow, and hardened my muscles for more great adventures.

They should offer me a medal or at least a senior’s award for the mountains I’ve conquered on all four paws – the snow I’ve trudged through, the rapids I’ve conquered, and the waves I’ve ‘hung ten’ on. Not to mention the long road trips through the Australian Outback, squashed in the backseat between the bags, hot balmy air in my hair and the sweaty limbs of the two kids draped over me as they sing songs on repeat.



My earliest travel memory is when I swam all the way across the Murray River as a puppy to shouts of glee from my parents. I love water of any kind, and am a keen bodysurfer, kayaker, and swimmer. I’m fit, agile, a great ball catcher, an avid hiker, and an exceptional mountain climber.

Over the years I’ve canoed along the Anglesea River, and surfed some of the most famous beaches along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. I’ve played fetch along Johanna Beach, taken road trips through the Otways, Lake Elizabeth, across to Marysville via the majestic Black Spur, the Grampians region, and right up the Victorian coast to NSW and QLD.

Over the years I’ve slept under the stars beside the kids’ swag, on the floor of the family tent, in the back of our 1973 kombi squashed between the brown vinyl seats, under the light of a full moon in the red, dusty Outback, and I once scored my own bunk bed in a motorhome!


I’ve sat in the back of a canoe and conquered rivers and rapids, been on bush walks that are positively exhausting, hiked through muddy flats, and sandy desert plains…heck, I’ve even sat on the back of the toboggan with the kids as we flew down the alps!



But it isn’t all roughing it. I’ve also been treated like a regal sire and gallantly trotted into the foyer of some of the most decadent, dog-friendly hotels across Australia, slept on plush feathered pillows, dined on chef-prepared culinary fare, and even watched Lassie on Netflix and ordered room service while my family was out (shhh, what they don’t know, won’t hurt them).

Oh, those were the days!



My family used to take me everywhere and I mean, everywhere man. These days, I prefer to sit some of the travel adventures out. While I’m incredibly grateful for the well-travelled life I’ve lived, I’m more into the slow travel these days, the five-star life that includes high thread counts, quiet spaces, slower paces, and snoozing in the sun.

I prefer to get some rest in my weary age and wait for them to burst through the door to tell me all about their latest adventures. They shower me with love and affection, always bring me back treats, restoring the vigour of my youth, but most of all they’re my biggest fans, and I’m theirs. That’s the kind of bond you can’t forge unless you explore, travel, and make lifelong memories together.

I’ll always be grateful to them for taking me along for the ride. After all, ‘In life it’s not where you go, but who you travel with’.