As more and more restrictions are lifted, there’s one question on everyone’s lips – ‘So when can I go camping again?’


Each state is tackling the ease out of lockdown differently, so the answer depends on where you live. Here’s a breakdown of what adventure activities are allowed in each state and territory this weekend.


Unfortunately, NSW isn’t ready for people to go camping just yet. But as of today, public gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed – and it doesn’t have to be under the guise of exercise! So you can hang out with your mates on the beach again and go for a picnic. 

Outdoor pools are also reopening, so you can get in all those laps you’ve missed in the last few months. 

When it comes to travelling around the state, travelling for exercise and to visit family and friends has been given the green light, with no limits on how far you can travel to get there.  

Unfortunately, travelling for a holiday is not yet a valid reason. So it looks like plenty of day hikes are on the cards!


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Restrictions in Victoria are much the same as NSW. Campgrounds are still closed and holidays are off the cards. 

However, outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed, so pack a picnic and head to the park. Most of Victoria’s National Parks have also reopened for day hikes, however there are still a few specific areas that remain closed (in addition to areas that have been closed due to fire). 

The Victorian Government has given the green light to canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, rowing and even snow sports! Time to shred. You’re also once again allowed to fly a hobby plane and go gold panning, in case you were wondering. Nice. 

As for going for a swim (in mid-May? Maybe not) pools remain closed – so head to your local wild swimming spot instead! Beach, river or waterfall. 

Although you’re now allowed to travel for exercise and other adventure activities, the Vic Government is asking that if you do, just make it a day trip. So no sneaky sleepovers. 


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Queenslanders have been allowed to drive within a 50km radius of their house for the last few weeks. Today that zone was widened to 150km, or 500km if you live in the outback, given you’re not crossing any state borders. 

From midnight tonight, almost all of Queensland’s National Parks will be open for day trips (bar a few). This includes Fraser, Morton and North Stradbroke Islands, given the 10 person rule is adhered to. Unfortunately for now, all campgrounds remain closed, on islands and the mainland. 

Beaches are open, as are swimming pools, and in case you were wondering, driving a remote-control car is a-okay too. Thanks QLD Government for outlining that one!


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Western Australia is pretty much living in the year 3000 already. They’ve been allowed to camp for weeks now! Picnics, hiking and boating are all allowed too. 

The 10 person rule is still in effect for this weekend, however more restrictions will be lifted in WA from Monday May 18th, with travel between certain regions being permitted again.


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Good news for South Australians, campgrounds and national parks have opened in time for the weekend, with the exception of a few spots. Bookings are open as well, however there are still rules around the number of people allowed per campsite, depending on its size. 

You’re also now allowed to travel to your holiday home, even if it’s in a regional area. Woo-hoo! Time to hit the road!


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Access to national parks in the Northern Territory has been permitted for a while now, but depending on where you want to go, depends on whether or not you’re allowed to camp. 

In general, camping in the Top End and Katherine is ok, however in the Central Australia, Tenant Creek and Barkly regions, neither swimming or camping are permitted. See the full list of openings here.


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Tasmanians are currently allowed to visit national parks that are within a 30km drive from their home, but only for exercise. Campgrounds are still closed and the two person rule is still in effect in Tassie

Activities that are allowed include swimming, surfing, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing and boating – as long as they happen within your local area or a park within the 30km of home. 

4WDing and caving are not allowed yet.


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Unfortunately in the ACT, the state’s only two national parks are closed due to fire damage. However there are still plenty of parks and reserves that are open and hankering for visitors, given the 10 person rule is followed.


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Oh and if you’re in New Zealand, you’re pretty much allowed anywhere around the country now. 

So get out there! 


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Feature photo by @rileykruck