If you live in Western Australia, boy have we got some good news for you. You’re officially allowed to go camping again!


As the COVID-19 curve begins to flatten in Australia, less populated states such as WA are starting to loosen their social distancing restrictions. 

Over the weekend, WA Premier Mark McGowan announced a ‘cautious relaxation’ of some of the state’s COVID-19 restrictions. For now in WA, people are allowed to gather in groups of up to 10 people, both indoors and outside. This allows families and friends to be together during difficult times and important celebrations. 

But it also means, you’re allowed to go hiking and camping with your mates again! What a win! Picnics, fishing and boating are also now permitted, so grab your basket, rod and tinnie. There’s a tonne of lost exploring time to make up for. 

If you’re based around Perth and keen to get your legs pumping, there are plenty of gorgeous hikes to get you started. 

If you live a bit further south (or just fancy a drive, who could blame you!) there are a bunch of stunning places to visit to fill up your nature cup. 

It’s important to note that the loosening of these restrictions will only remain so long as there’s no jump in COVID-19 cases. So don’t abuse the new rules, stick to them. And hopefully soon, there’ll be opportunities for even more adventure. 

And when you’re planning your next trip, check back in to WeAreExplorers.co. We’ve got something new brewing that’ll take your adventures to the next level!


Feature photo by @coopsfrootloops