Do you love buying new outdoor gear online, but hate the thought of it arriving in a single-use plastic satchel? Alton Goods has come up with a simple and sustainable solution – dry sacks!

Aussie owned and operated adventure gear brand, Alton Goods, has come up with a solution to the amount of single-use plastic packaging used to ship the ever-growing number of products being bought online – reusable dry sacks! 

At the checkout of their online store, Alton Goods is now offering their customers the option to ship their purchase in a reusable dry sack, at a small additional cost, rather than in a single-use plastic satchel. The solution is being praised as a world-first for the industry and makes total sense, as dry sacks always come in handy in the outdoors. Voila!

Alton Goods launched the idea two weeks ago, and are already seeing almost 30% of customers choosing the reusable and sustainable option. 

Director and co-founder of Alton Goods, Sam Schumann has said, 

It’s a simple innovation that lends itself perfectly to the wants and needs of our customers while also helping eliminate unnecessary waste.’ 

So far they’ve run into no issues with Australia Post over the new packaging, plus the added cost of having your goods shipped in a dry sack is less than the cost of actually purchasing a dry sack. Win-win! 

Photos supplied by Alton Goods