Broome is the jewel of the West Kimberley, but when it comes to adventure, it’s often overlooked for inland waterfalls and gorges. Tom’s here to share with us where adventure can be found close to Broome itself, whether it’s wet or dry season!


We acknowledge that this adventure is located on the traditional Country of the Yawuru people who have occupied and cared for the lands, waters, and their inhabitants for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them as the Traditional Custodians and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

More Than Just a Homebase

The vastness of the Kimberley, though one of its most mesmerising attributes, makes it an extremely time-consuming and often expensive place to explore. Some people are too quick to look past what’s right at their fingertips.

Trips east are a huge part of the lives of Broome dwellers and visitors, often planned well in advance and with thorough preparation. But there’s so much adventure to be found closer to home. Being stuck in Broome, for whatever reason, doesn’t resign you to Cable Beach or the pub!

Exploring Broome Whether Wet or Dry

Droves of people choose to vacate Broome when the weather gets a little sticky. Those that remain are treated to a few months of quiet. In terms of the beauty of Broome over summer, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

While the arrival of the wet season might see the swag gather a little dust, it doesn’t completely rule out the chance for adventure, if you know where to look.

Here are six activites, close to Broome, that’ll fill your adventure cup no matter what the season!

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Adventures Close to Broome

1. Float Down Coconut Wells

On tides exceeding nine metres, water from the ocean breaches the sandbank at Coconut Wells to fill up a picturesque blue lagoon.

For those in the know, this offers a unique opportunity – the chance to float. Carloads of people fill the sandy car park around an hour before high tide, armed with floatation devices: noodles, tubes, flamingos. Then, a mad rush to inflate. (A compressor is highly recommended.)

Once pumped up, it’s about a 1km walk along the beach from the car park to the starting point. On arrival, merely flop yourself into the shallow water, and wait. Slowly but surely, the water rises and lifts you up. The current, caused by the rising tide, will gently draw you all the way back to the parked car. Not a worry in the world!


Finding Adventures in Broome – It’s More Than a Base for Kimberley Adventures, Tom Bevan, floating, river, lagoon


Altogether, the float takes about three hours. Preparation is key, as high tide usually occurs at around midday, so it pays to get a crew organised early.

Though it’s only a 20 minute drive north of Broome (mainly by sealed road), when my mates and I visited, we camped overnight the night before. Not only was this a beautifully peaceful camp on cliffs overlooking an expansive beach, but it also saved us a load of time and stress in the morning. Nothing could spoil the tranquillity!

Best time to go: Tides hit the nine-metre mark all year round, so there are no seasonal restrictions on this one.

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2. Discover Dinosaur Footprints

Fossilised dinosaur footprints can be found all along the west coast of the Dampier Peninsula, including multiple locations in Broome. A quick Google search can give you an idea of a few places, however, unless you’re determined to find a footprint on your own, I don’t recommend wandering down to the Gantheaume or Entrance Point and simply scanning the rocks.


Finding Adventures in Broome – It’s More Than a Base for Kimberley Adventures, Tom Bevan, person, rockpool, beach


There are plenty of tours which will give you all the information you need. My friend and I were lucky enough to be accosted by a local enthusiast while we were walking the dogs. He gave us the history of a Theropod print he’d discovered at Entrance Point.

Most of the footprints are only visible at low tide which, conveniently, coincides with sunset. So, take a picnic for when you’re worn out by all the education.

Best time to go: The footprints will be visible all year round, but it’s a great one for a wet season afternoon, when the temperature begins to drop.


Finding Adventures in Broome – It’s More Than a Base for Kimberley Adventures, Tom Bevan, dinosaur footprints

3. Explore Gantheaume Point

Gantheaume Point AKA ‘Ganth’, is located west of Broome town at the southern end of Cable Beach. The rock formations at Gantheaume Point can act as a playground for all Explorers. Jumping from the rocks at the western-most tip of the point into the ocean is a popular activity for kids and adults as there are many heights and degrees of difficulty to choose from.


Finding Adventures in Broome – It’s More Than a Base for Kimberley Adventures, Tom Bevan, rock, ocean, blue


We started small, then slowly made our way toward the highest ledge, growing in confidence.

If heights aren’t your thing, Gantheaume Point also offers relaxing rock pools to bathe in, while the tide permits.

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Finding Adventures in Broome – It’s More Than a Base for Kimberley Adventures, Tom Bevan, rockpool, ocean, blue


Best time to go: ‘Ganth’ is best experienced at high tide – usually around noon. The temperature in the heart of wet season is often a little severe around then so many prefer it in the cooler, dry season months.

4. Broome With a View

There’s plenty to feast your eyes on in Broome come sundown, but for me, the perfect sunset experience is about so much more than a yellow ball of light disappearing behind the horizon.


Photo by @djgw on Flicker


And Reddell Beach is the place to be for the ultimate sunset experience. The sun goes down over the water, yes, but don’t be surprised if you miss it. You may well be distracted by the rock formations or the red cliffs that bleed into the sand.


Finding Adventures in Broome – It’s More Than a Base for Kimberley Adventures, Tom Bevan, rocks, water, ocean


Reddell is slightly off the beaten track – about halfway between Entrance and Gantheaume Point and is accessible by dirt road. Which might be why it’s whisper-quiet, all year round.

Best time to go: All that can prevent you from experiencing Reddell Beach is the road. Ordinarily, it’s no trouble for any car, however, if it rains the road can flood and is occasionally closed. If you can navigate that obstacle, wet season is the best time to catch a Reddell sunset.

5. Electrical Storms: The Best Show in Town

Storm clouds and lightning in Broome generate child-like excitement among those who’ve chosen to brave the wet season. It offers some relief from the heat, sure, but it also promises a uniquely tropical experience.

To make the most of a storm, you ought to do more than look up. Certain vantage points around town allow you to observe the wall of cloud and lightning approaching, threatening the coast. It slowly blankets the blue sky before drenching the town.

If you’re the type to seek shelter once the rain hits, you can watch it all from the Mangrove Hotel, which overlooks Roebuck Bay.

For those who aren’t afraid to get a bit wet, I recommend getting out onto the Town Beach Jetty – as close to the action as possible. Don’t forget a brolly!

Best time to go: Storm watching is a true wet season activity. Storms generally hit between the months of October and April.

6.  A Movie Under the Stars

Broome’s outdoor cinema, Sun Pictures, claims to be the world’s oldest outdoor picture gardens. And it definitely has the character to match the assertion!


Finding Adventures in Broome – It’s More Than a Base for Kimberley Adventures, Tom Bevan, cinema, storefront, broome


The seating options are deckchairs or fake lawn; beyond that, comfort is achieved on a BYO basis. I recommend taking a pillow each and treating yourself to a bottle of wine and popcorn.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the cinema is that it’s located directly under a flight path. So be prepared for a bit of a noisy interruption. But don’t forget to look up for an experience you’ll never get watching Netflix on the couch.

Best time to go: Every night is movie night, in Broome. The cinema only closes if the town floods!


Broome can be so much more than a place to base yourself for your Kimberley adventure. Let it be a part of it. Wet or dry, rain or shine, gear or not, you’ll find beauty and adventure in Broome.


Feature photo thanks to Zoe Vaughan