We don’t need more stuff this Christmas – all that lockdown-induced retail therapy isn’t quite hitting the spot any more. So why not give them an unforgettable experience instead? 


There are literally thousands of exciting experiences across Australia that you can purchase in voucher form for your best mate, your AdventureDad, or even a sneaky ‘good onya for getting through this year’ gift for yourself. And there’s no better place to grab your vouchers than RedBalloon

RedBalloon offers free exchanges, 5-year validity on all vouchers and quick email delivery so you don’t have to worry about postal delays or last-minute shopping. How good!

We’ve rifled through the experiences on offer in NSW, VIC, and QLD that you can book through RedBalloon, and found our favourite five in each state that we reckon might just scratch that adventure itch you’ve been dying to soothe. 

Not vibing what you see here? No stress – there’s bound to be something that’ll tickle your fancy, maybe even further from home (imagine that!).

Top Adventure Experiences in NSW

1. Canyoning and Abseiling Adventure

Location: Blue Mountains
Duration: 1 day
Cost: $220 pp 

This exhilarating entry-level full-day canyoning trip will see you swim, jump, trek, and abseil your way through the incredible Empress Canyon. Learn and practise the basics on abseiling at the start of the day before putting your new-found skills to the test in the afternoon!

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2. Hot Air Ballooning

Location: Hunter Valley
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $300 pp

Luxury meets thrill-seeking on this hot air balloon flight in the Hunter Valley. Indulge in a glass of bubbles and breakfast as you soar over the stunning wine region at sunrise!

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3. Quad Bike Adventure Tour

Location: Port Stephens
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $110 pp

Did you know Port Stephens is home to the largest sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere? Ride your way up and over dunes up to 100 feet high – not a bad spot to take in the sweeping mind-North Coastline below!

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Plan Port Stephens for Your Next Adventure Weekender, photos by DNSW, Stockton sand dunes, quad biking, people

Photo thanks to DNSW

4. Seaplane to Jonah’s Restaurant for Lunch

Location: Sydney
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: $1,180 for 2 people

This is for that special someone you want to spoil (oh and yourself of course!). Take a scenic flight from Sydney Harbour’s Rose Bay over the city coastline and Northern Beaches, before landing on the water near the iconic Barrenjoey Headland.

You’ll be treated to a three-course meal at the one-hatted Jonah’s restaurant, before flying back to Rose Bay. An adventure for the eyes and the tastebuds!

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5. Learn to Freedive to 20m Deep

Location: Sydney
Duration: 2 days
Cost: $590 pp

Have a mate who’s been rattling on about wanting to freedive? This two day freediving course will help kickstart their journey into the big blue! The expert freediving instructor will teach them all about breath control and how to equalise in the pool, before testing out the new skills in the ocean.

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Top Adventure Experiences in VIC

6. Swim With Dolphins & Seals

Location: Sorrento
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $185 pp

This one’s for the mate who gets squeally at the sight of any kind of wildlife. Three hours swimming around with dolphins, seals, and Weedy sea dragons? Hell yeah.

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7. Intro to Scuba Diving

Location: Phillip Island
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $398 for two people

Take the underwater experience one step further and make it a SCUBA diving lesson. Phillip Island is a stunning spot to admire the beautiful creatures of the sea. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself swimming alongside some baby seals!

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8. Rock Climbing Adventure

Location: Grampians
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $80 pp

A great way to transition from climbing in the gym to climbing on real rock is by heading out with a climbing guide! This tour takes you to rocky bluffs in Gariwerd / Grampians National Park where your guide will teach you techniques for reaching new heights, plus how to belay safely.

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9. Private Surfing Lesson

Location: Great Ocean Road
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $180 pp

Ahh the Surf Coast – home to some of Australia’s best surfing waves. So where else could be better for someone’s very first surf lesson? Suited to all levels of ability and skill, this one-on-one surf lesson along the Great Ocean Road will have your mates carving up in no time.

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10. Self Guided Kayaking

Location: Mornington Peninsula
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $75 pp

Looking for something a little more cruisey, no guide involved, that’ll still get your mates in amongst nature? How ‘bout paying for their kayak hire at Mornington Peninsula? A double kayak is just 75 bucks for three hours of delight – plus there’s a dolphin sanctuary nearby!

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Top Adventure Experiences in QLD

11. Extreme Zipline Guided Tour

Location: North Tamborine
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $120 pp

Fly high through the rainforest canopy on this zipline in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. At 60 metres above the ground, it’s Aus’ highest and largest ziplining course that’ll send you (or ya Mum) shooting across Cedar Creek Gorge at up to 70km/h. Wowzas.

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So You Wanna Win a Trip to The Sunshine Coast? Here's How, photos supplied by Sunshine Coast Tourism, creek, zipline, rainforest

Photo thanks to Sunshine Coast Tourism

12. River Drift Snorkelling

Location: Port Douglas
Duration: 3.5 hours
Cost: $120 pp

Now this is something you probably never thought of before – freshwater snorkelling in an ancient rainforest. Float down this Tropical North Queensland river on your own lilo and snorkel and stick your face in the clear water to catch fish (and maybe even a turtle!) darting about.

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13. Water Bike Self Guided Tour

Location: Noosa
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $50 pp

Ok this one’s a little kooky but hear me out – water bikes. Never heard of them before? Yeah me either, but they look like a hoot! Best experienced with a close group of mates so you can all cackle at how silly you all look while paddling down the Noosa River.

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14. Beach Horse Riding

Location: Cape Tribulation
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $129 pp

Your mate, you know the one – the horse girl? Yeah, give her this. It’ll blow her mind. Horse riding. Through the rainforest.  Then onto the beach. At Cape Tribulation. Where the rainforest meets the reef. You know, Daintree, Great Barrier? Ah shit, now I wanna go. 

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Top 10 Road Trips in Queensland, photo by Tourism and Events Queensland, Amy Fairall, daintree rainforest, ocean, great barrier reef, ocean, sand

Photo thanks to TEQ

15. White Water Rafting the Barron River

Location: Barron Gorge TNQ
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $123 pp

This one’s for that proper thrill-seeker who just loves hearing their own heart beating through their chest. Take on a series of rapids on the Barron River as you blast through the gorge. Don’t forget to look around at the view! Better make it a group activity so you can all laugh about it later.

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