Kickstart my heart! Want to stand out in the Christmas gift game this Dec 25th? Give someone an experience that’ll whiten their knuckles and etch into their brains. Or, at the very least, be heaps of fun.


You guys absolutely frothed our list of unique adventure experiences you could give a loved one (or yourself, who am I kidding?), but there was something missing.

We’ve all got a mate who slops on too much hot sauce. The friend who takes on the rope swing first and is constantly diving into new adrenaline-inducing sports.

Luckily we know the perfect place to find them a gift that fulfills their high octane needs: We’ve scoured our favourites and found out from the crew there what their best sellers are – because they’re doing a Christmas Sale and ain’t nobody got time for shipping (I don’t reckon that ‘global supply chain issues’ excuse will cut it with your partner either).

So, in no particular order, here are our top adrenaline experiences, as illustrated by the one lucky model that got to do all of them.


A classic, and a bucket list for any thrill seeker. You can also do it basically anywhere. I recommend doing it over somewhere epic for that real life Google Earth experience.

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What? Heights get the heart pumping! Even experienced rock climbers get a bit toey as they lean over the edge of a cliff and put their trust in a few millimetres of rope. Scenic locations abound and many options are under 100 bucks!

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Paddling’s not quite as hectic as the above, but for someone who hasn’t done it before it’s an incredible experience. Want to change a life? Want to work out where to store a kayak in your apartment in 6 months time? The answer to both, is yes,

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Horse Riding

Riding a noble steed gets my heart thumping. You’re high off the ground on the back of this huge animal, and it’s chill about it? Learning to ride a horse through the wilderness is up there with one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Big recommend.

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Rally Driving

Whaaat, this is so sick. The perfect present for the friend who’s always a bit too keen to open it up once you hit the dirt, or your mate with the Subaru XV who fancies themself a bit of a Colin McRae. I would like this present, I hope my girlfriend is reading this.

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Aerial Aerobatics

Lol, call it what it is guys, ‘flips in a plane’. See? I’m sold. Have you ever been at a stadium or laying on the beach watching a plane do aerobatics? Everyone just stares at it. You could be in that plane!

There’s even one called ‘Ultimate Combat Flight Against a Friend’ in Gippsland, which sounds totally unhinged, but that’s what adrenaline seeking is all about, baby!

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SCUBA Diving, Snorkelling & Freediving

Getting deep below the ocean’s surface is a magical experience, it’s otherworldly, yet accessible with just a bit of gear or training. From snorkelling boat trips to full freedive courses for your friend who always swam the length of the pool underwater, there’s a gift for everyone, under the sea, in an Octopus’s garden, in the shade.

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