Bringing together a combination of kayaking, trail running, and mountain biking, this year’s Sunshine Coast Adventure Race has a race option to suit all ages and experience levels. Grab your best mate and get to it!


This July 17-18th, hundreds of adventure athletes, veterans and newbies alike, will descend on Queensland’s gorgeous Sunshine Coast to spend two action-packed days traversing the Glass House Mountains at Maximum Adventure’s 2021 Sunshine Coast Adventure Race. And you could be there with them!


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What is an adventure race?

In the Sunshine Coast Adventure Race, racers compete in teams of two (so choose your team mate wisely) to traverse a course through the Sunshine Coast hinterland that combines three main disciplines – trail running, mountain biking, and kayaking/paddling – which are switched between multiple times throughout the race.


Novice Course

The novice course is for those who are still finding their adventure race legs. 

The course is completed over a single day and consists of; 

  • 5 – 15km of mountain biking
  • 3 – 5km of trail running
  • 1 – 2km of kayaking

Classic Course

The classic course is for people who have already found their adventure race stride. 

The course is completed over a single day and consists of; 

  • 15 – 25km of mountain biking
  • 5 – 10km of trail running 
  • 2 – 4km of kayaking


Make it a Two Day Event

This year, for those racers who really want to push themselves, there’s the option to compete in an adventure race on both days. 

If you’re after a warm up first, tackle the Novice Course on day one, before progressing to the Classic Course on day two. 

Sound too easy? You can always take on the Classic Course twice, with an alternate route on day two. Now we’re talking!

Teenagers aged 14 can race in a team of two, and younger kids can race in a team with a supporting adult.


Kids Course

2021 is also the first time that a Kids Course has been offered as part of the Sunshine Coast Adventure Race, truly turning this comp into a family affair. 

For kids aged 8 -14 years old, the Kids Course offers the chance to get a taste for adventure racing, with a mix of running, navigation, and biking on day two of the race. 

There’s the option to expand the team to five people as long as there are at least two kids involved (a few big kids are still allowed as well).

But why would I trek all the way to the Sunshine Coast?

Umm, have you seen the Sunshine Coast? That place is stun-ning.

And with adventure activities happening across the entire July 17-18th weekend, it’s the perfect excuse to escape the chill of the city and take a looong weekend on the Sunny Coast. 

Bookmark your weekend of adventure with time spent on some of Queensland’s best beaches, deep in the hinterland, or soaking up the atmosphere (and heat!) that comes with every trip to this gorgeous stretch of coastline. 

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Single day race: From $105 per person 

Multi day race: From $190 per person – Multi-day race bookings receive a $30 discount!

Kids race: From $45 per person 


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Photos thanks to Element Photo & Video Productions