Jake Anderson is an adventure photographer who scours the land in search of incredible places to shoot. Here are 11 of his favourite locations to photograph in New South Wales.

# 1 Three Sisters

The selling point of the entire Blue Mountains and one of the top 5 most visited places in Australia. Also one of the easier places to get to, so a perfect one to start with.Jake Anderson Three Sisters Blue Mountains

# 2 Blue Mountains Crags and Canyons

The canyons and crags require a little more experience than just hiking capabilities but there are a range of tour providers in Katoomba with the capabilities to get virtually anyone into these mystical places.

Jake Anderson Canyon Adventure Photography

Jake Anderson Canyon Adventure Photography

# 3 Kosciusko National Park

Kosci is a place that possesses incredible beauty no matter the season, whether you’re hiking through summer or skiing in winter. You’ll be able to capture a variety of colours and shapes, textures and perspectives and you’ll have the time and the space to practice your new craft in this stunning yet under-visited location.

jake anderson adventure photography Airies pool jake anderson adventure photography skiing

# 4 Norah Head

The Central Coast has a whole bunch of amazing places to shoot – I could go on and on. Norah Head Lighthouse is one of these truly amazing places to watch the sun come up and welcome in the new day. Maybe even jump in the water or do some beach sprints to cap it all off!

jake anderson adventure photography Norah Head Lighthouse


 # 5 Putty Beach/ Bouddi National Park

This is another insanely cool place to shoot on the Central Coast. Rock erosion from the ocean makes for some incredibly strong foreground details.

jake anderson adventure photography Putty beach Storm

# 6 Sugar Pine Forest

Tucked away in the NSW alpine area this place has become a bit of a mecca for photographers. If you can get here with snow this place really goes off. I shot here after a last minute decision with some friends to make the overnight drive on a Friday afternoon. 100% worth it.

jake anderson adventure photography sugar pine pano jake anderson adventure photography sugar pine pano

# 7 The Castle and Monolith Valley // Morton National Park

Possibly the best kept secret in NSW up until about a year or two ago. Just from a hiking point of view this place has to be up there as one of the best in the state. The views are hard to put into words and you constantly feel dwarfed by the vastness of the area.

jake anderson adventure photography Pigeon House vert jake anderson adventure photography Mooryan

# 8 Nymboida River

Glassy rivers meet turbulent whitewater in steep sided gorges on the stunning Nymbodia River. Here are 8 reasons why you should get up there and see it for yourself!

# 9 Belmore and Fitzroy Falls

These are two of the most photogenic waterfalls in NSW and to make it super easy for you, they’re situated just half and hour apart in the Southern Highlands.

jake anderson adventure photography Belmore Falls Jay jake anderson adventure photography Fitzroy Falls

# 10 Point Perpendicular

For the brave, the shooting results here can be outstanding. It’s a coastal spot on the Shoalhaven that offers incredible exposure and unique perspectives.

jake anderson adventure photography Dan Super styling jake anderson adventure photography climbing

# 11 Nowra 

This place is a climbers haven and a place I really can’t get enough of. The more sweet little spots you find, the more you’ll understand how much there is to find!

jake anderson adventure photography Rod climbing Nowra

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