Tyler Wright is one of Australia and surfing‘s most beloved treasures – not just for her skills in the surf, but for her fierce voice, values, and determination.


Two time World Surfing Champion Tyler Wright has recently partnered with Reeftip Drinks Co., one our fave drink brands that does a bunch of work to give back to the Great Barrier Reef! We had the chance to ask Tyler about the partnership (and surfing of course) in 10 quick questions! Here it goes!


1. Do you think it’s important that brands give back to the community/environment, and if so, why? 

Yes I do, it’s our responsibility as individuals, communities, brands and organisations to take up the responsibility of the footprint we have on the environment, to give back to the planet and community, and to acknowledge whose lands we are on.


2. What was it that first drew you to partnering with Reeftip Drinks Co.?

Good tasting drinks, their partnership with the Coral Nurture Program and being able to learn more about our amazing Reef. Being a conscious consumer is a part of my daily life and partnering with companies who are actively trying to educate and give back through this climate crisis.


3. What makes this partnership between you and Reeftip so well aligned? 

We have shared values as well as a shared loved for the environment and celebrating great moments.


4. Reeftip donates 10% of profits to the Coral Nurture Program – can you tell us a bit about what the program does? 

The Coral Nurture Program is a partnership between tourism operators and researchers. The program does work in protecting, propagation, planting coral and educating on the environmental impacts of preserving one of the greatest wonders of the world.


5. Who were your biggest inspirations growing up? Both in and out of the surf?

I think through the inequality shown in sports, young women have had limitations on representation and who, as a young woman, I could look up to and be inspired by. 

I look to women who have mentored me, directly or indirectly, through their values, understanding of intersectionality and ability to see the bigger picture and long game of elevating equality, inclusivity and women in sport. 

People like Jessi Miley-Dyer, Brooke Farris, and Textured Waves (Chelsea Woody, Danielle Black Lyons, and Martina Duran) and the WNBA and their player’s leadership on social and racial justice.


6. What’s your biggest goal for the future of your surfing career? 

To be able to give back to the next generation, and sustainably compete for as long as I would like and how I would like.


Photo by CDHE


7. This month you’re back on Aussie soil competing in the WSL – how does it feel to be competing in Australia again?

Yeah it feels good to have been competing on Wadawurrung (Bells Beach), Wandandi Boodja (Margaret River) and Bundjalung (Coolangatta).


8. When you’re not on the competition trail, where’s your favourite place to surf in Aus?

Anywhere my partner can surf long, slow, easy rideable waves on a soft top.


9. What are your tips for people keen to get into surfing but not sure where to start?

Just get started, there’s no cheating in surfing. You just have to put the time in and understand the joy is in the process and journey of learning how to surf, not being good at it.


10. When you’re not in the surf, what’s your favourite thing to be doing? 

Going to the beach with my girlfriend, soft top board, esky full of snacks, and an umbrella. Or any adventure, where you can connect with Mother Nature.




Feature photo by CDHE