With more than 500 Australian adventures to choose from, it was always going to be a monumentally challenging task picking our 10 favourites.

But it’s a bit like walking into a cake shop when you’re ravenous; each slice behind the counter is dangerously delicious and you just want to munch them all. Each has its own unique flavour that will suit some more than others, but they all share one common ingredient: Adventure. #haveyourcakeandeatit

We’ve picked ten Explorer Project submissions that we feel embody the very essence of microadventure – local, low budget escapes that cram the spirit of a big adventure into an unforgettable weekend (or very long weekend) away.

1. Twilight Fireflies Experience, Blue Mountains (NSW)

Explorer: Joel Johnsson

Unbeknownst to most, the Blue Mountains are alive with fireflies for 3 weeks every year. The fleeting nature and fairytale mystery of this experience is what makes it so incredibly special, an evanescent encounter for everyone’s explorer diaries.




Joel Johnsson, Fireflies Blue Mountains NSW Joel Johnsson, bugs, long exposure, man, bush, forest, ferns

2. Sinkhole Caves and Underwater Rainforests (SA)

Explorers: Tom & Sherrin Woods

“The pinnacle moment came when we swam through the green plants and came directly over the top of a cavern that drops 150 meters into the deep blue”. Yep this is South Australia.




sinkhole caves, rainforests, mt gambier, tom sherrin woods

3. Night Mission – Escape to Scott Kilvert Hut (TAS)

Explorer: Isaac Probert

Microadventures are all about hitting society’s escape button and disappearing into nature for soul deep injection of wilderness. Its potency is brilliant. This 24 hour escape took two friends on a much needed camping adventure via mountain lakes to a beautiful spot.




Scott-Kilvert Hut Isaac Probert

4. Chasing Rivers, Fitzgerald River National Park (WA)

Explorer: Andrew Marr

Disconnecting on camping trips is as important as packing the right gear and bringing a well-oiled crew. This trip to an off-the-grid national park in Western Australia will guarantee you no unwelcome phone calls, as well crystal clear water, white sand beaches and chokingly beautiful vistas.




Andrew Marr Fitzgerald River National Park Western Australia WA We Are Explorers

2. The Green Gully Track – Hiking in Northern NSW

Explorer: Katie Marston

“Hut-to-hut” hiking might conjure up images of Tasmania and New Zealand, but you don’t even have to leave New South Wales! The Green Gully Track in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park links 5 restored stockman huts for a top shelf multi-day hiking experience without the shoulder strain.




Green Gully Track, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, NSW, multi-day hike, hut to hut, hut, stretcher, sleeping bag

6. Mount May and The Upper Portals (QLD)

Explorer: Lisa Owen

If one peak isn’t enough to scratch the itch, why not chew off two in one day? That’s exactly what Lisa did on a trip through SE Queensland gem-region, the Scenic Rim. If you’re game for a challenge, check this one out.




Lisa Owen Mt May hiking queensland qld scenic rim mountain view

7. Kayaking Adventure – Lower Glenelg River (VIC)

Explorer: Jack Brookes

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more perfect venue for a catch up with your nearest, dearest and queerest. We loved this ovenighter that Jack went on with his Dad and brother. So scrap the pub every once in a while and share some grade A time (and a drink or three) with your faves – there’s literally no better place to do it.




Kayaking the Lower Glenelg river, Jack Brookes, gorge, kayak

8. Flinder’s Ranges – Wild Flowers & Outback Mountains (SA)

Explorer: Brian Hatchard

The alluring photo alone had us hooked, but delving deeper into the array of activities on offer here had us weak in the knees (as it did, Brian, but for other self-inflicted reasons). The Flinders are calling.




no-2-riding-bunyeroo-rd brian hatchard flinders ranges

9. Outback and Back (NSW)

Explorer: Ross Clayton

Ross’s initial plan for Easter was a chilled long weekend with his lady friend, sampling the good wine and food that Orange is famous for. That was until Sam and Emily upped the ante considerably by suggesting that they return Ron, their Subaru Outback, to his roots.




Outback and Back, Ross Clayton, NSW, walls of china, mungo national park

10. Skiing Back Country Retreat (Falls Creek, VIC)

Explorer: Lachie Thomas

Grab 9 mates, it’s time for a cabin fix. Not far from the hustle and bustle of Falls Creek’s slopes sits a quaint little Alpine hut, surrounded by endless backcountry ski runs;  Johnston’s Hut.




Lachie Thomas Johnston's Hut Falls Creek Victoria snow skiing backcountry hut

Thank you to all of our incredible Explorers for sharing the stoke with this community. If you’re keen to be a part of it, check out the Explorer Project and get in touch.