Freediving Central offers an epic new way to experience the Whitsundays from above and below the water’s surface – by combining sailing and freediving into one unforgettable adventure.

Post-lockdown, there’s gonna be a lot of people keen to make up for lost time – we’re predicting an adventure boom! That means taking a long weekend to complete that multi-day hike, escaping the city for a road trip, and squeezing in as many adventure activities into one holiday as physically possible. 

As the first trip of its kind in Australia, the Whitsundays Sailing & Freediving Liveaboard trip may be the kind of big adventure Explorers are looking for. 



Launched earlier this year by Dan Parsons, owner of Freedive Central and Josh Wilde, co-owner of Prosail Whitsundays, the pair have combined their skills (Read: powers) for good, to meld the luxury of a multi-day sailing trip through some of the most beautiful coastline on Earth, with a freediving course! Talk about multi-adventuring!

How’s a liveaboard trip work?

Over four days and three nights, a motley crew of Explorers take sail throughout the 74 islands that make up the Whitsundays, freediving the Great Barrier Reef every day, exploring the islands, and lapping up the sun on the 22 metre long deck! 



Expect freshly cooked meals every day, beds in dorm-style rooms for max-socialising, plus the option to take a camp mat out onto the deck to sleep under the stars!

Fancy some freediving?

With four days in a row of diving alongside some of Australia’s best and most experienced freediving instructors, and in one of the world’s most diverse and thriving marine habitats, it’s a great opportunity to perfect diving skills in a short amount of time. 

There’s the option to make the time spent freediving an official course (Wave 1 or Wave 2) that involves training on the line and taking theory classes and specialised workshops on the boat. We can think of worse settings for a classroom!



There’s no pressure to add study to the sojourn – just dive for the fun of it! 

With access to up to 40 metres of ocean depth, and 15 metres of visibility, freediving in the Whitsundays is a damn dream! There’s sheltered coral reefs, underwater statues, huge coral structures, overhangs, and swim-throughs to explore. It’s an underwater playground up there!


But what about the sailing side?

Whether it’s all smooth sailing or the crew ends up sending it sideways, there’ll be adventure racing abound. 

The Broomstick plays the role of trusty steed and home for the duration of the trip – she’s an old racing maxi-yacht and still has a bit of kick in her, often ending up in races with other yachts out on the water. 


Trip Availability

There are still a few more trips happening before the end of the year, so if you’re keen to squeeze as much juice out of 2021 as you can, lock it in now, Eddy!

  • 9-12 October
  • 20-23 November
  • 26-29 November

Get in touch with Dan at Freediving Central to be one of the first people in Australia to take on this exciting new adventure!


Photos thanks to Freedive Central