Former pro-surfer Blake Johnston has just broken the world record for the longest surf session, with over 32 hours of non-stop surfing in Sydney. And he’s still going strong, with plans to surf for 40 hours total.


If you wandered down to Cronulla Beach sometime yesterday or today, you’d probably notice a large crowd of people watching a bearded man in the waves, absolutely carving. 

At 1am yesterday morning, Blake Johnston dashed into the surf and started a marathon of bottom turns, smacked lips, and barrels as he attempted to surf over 500 waves before 5pm tonight.

At around 9am this morning, Blake had officially surfed 525 waves in over 32 hours and 11 minutes, beating the previous world record held by South African Josh Elsin who surfed 455 waves in that time. And he’s still out there now with around seven hours left to surf. 



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As part of his mission, Blake’s raising money for the Chumpy Pullin Foundation which helps deliver mental health programs to Aussie youth. He’s already raised over $228,000 so far of his $500,000 goal.

So, how the hell is he doing this? 

Well Blake’s got a team of surfers, water security, friends, and family delivering him food, hydration, sun protection, and vaseline to help him manage so much time in the sun and saltwater.

He even had a grovel with some crew from the Cronulla Sharks yesterday – here’s hoping they’re the only sharks he encounters out there. 

Get ’em Blake!