Wilderness Wear Merinofusion Light 160 Short Sleeve Cycle Jersey
'It's an impressive jersey that's balanced between aesthetics and practicality. Also, did I mention that it's Australian made?'
Not lycra!
Enough space for everything you need + a little more
A-grade comfort
Not hella toasty...
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Is it possible to look stylish in bike attire?


It’s definitely a question that gets a range of responses. On one side, you have the die-hard cyclists who hit charity rides like races, crew who reckon that ‘if you’re not wearing lycra then you’re not living’. And on the other side, well, maybe it’s best not to say what the other side thinks.

However, in the case of the Merinofusion Light 160 Short Sleeve Cycle Jersey the answer has to be yes. The combination of aesthetics and practicality make for some stress-free riding.

I’ve just clicked over 600km riding around Newcastle and the Central Coast in this jersey. Here’s what I thought.

Photo by Brooke Arts Studio


There are so many reasons why this jersey is comfy. After an 80km ride in sweltering conditions and drinking 3.6 litres of water, I was surprised to find that I wasn’t drenched in sweat. Either I was that dehydrated that my body had no more sweat to produce, or the Merinofusion material did its job. The breathability of the jersey made for a truly comfortable ride. Also, I didn’t experience any discomfort from the lycra because… well… there isn’t any.

‘It’s wool! It must be itchy, right?’

Nope! There’s nothing itchy about the Short Sleeve Cycle Jersey. I would love to explain the science behind this but I’m just a cyclist who hasn’t yet found an itch to be scratched. It’s a beautiful fit.


There are three pockets at the back for storage, which is expected for most cycle jerseys. But Wilderness Wear really has nailed the space available. You’ll easily be able to fit all the essential items like a repair kit, rain jacket, and your unnecessarily large iPhone. The pockets are even deep enough that your hand pump doesn’t stick out the top.

Talk about stress-free riding!


Photo by Brooke Arts Studio


If you’re a cyclist who doesn’t care about aesthetics, then you’re not a cyclist. It’s half the reason we buy a bike worth thousands of dollars.

I’m still unsure if this aesthetic translates to bike apparel and we all know the public perception of lycra… it ain’t too great.

The Wilderness Wear Cycle Jersey nails the aesthetic as it almost looks like a classy top. The combination of the pattern and the subtly of the reflective strips make for a safe and likable design. When I pulled up at a café I didn’t think I stood out like a cyclist’s tan line as I wasn’t head to toe in branded lycra.


Photo by Brooke Arts Studio


Before I share my thoughts we must remember, it’s a short-sleeve jersey.

Wilderness Wear describes the warmth as ‘exemplary thermal properties,’ which is probably true… for a short sleeve top. But it’s not going to do the job at 6.00 am on a winter day. It will however keep you warm for most mornings in the other seasons. But don’t that because it’s wool you’ll always be warm.

Final Thoughts

It’s an impressive jersey that’s balanced between aesthetics and practicality. Also, did I mention that it’s Australian made? Wilderness Wear makes great Aussie gear and I’ve been lucky enough to try a few of their products.

This Wilderness Wear jersey will serve me well over the coming summer and I can’t wait to confidently wear it – tan lines and all.


Feature photo by Brooke Arts Studio.

Damon was given the Merinofusion Light 160 Short Sleeve Cycle Jersey for testing and was allowed to keep it afterwards. He was allowed to say whatever the heck he wanted about it in this review.