Aussie sustainable toilet paper brand Who Gives A Crap have jazzed up their packaging, giving you one more reason to order their planet-friendly loo tickets.


You’ve probably heard of Who Gives A Crap, the Aussie B Corp was launched in 2012 and now reaches nearly 40 countries. Their idea is pretty simple: toilet paper in plastic-free packaging, carbon neutral shipping and 50% of its profits to clean water and sanitation projects around the world. 50%! I straight up did not know that fact when I started writing this article and it’s pretty phenomenal. And I have the stuff in my bathroom.


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What about deforestation?

Did you know that 1.9 million trees are needed every day to supply the world’s toilet paper needs? Make that 2 mil after Taco Tuesdays. It’s a pretty bad number, one that Who Gives A Crap seeks to counter with 100% bamboo TP rolls that are super renewable and super soft.

Tell Me About The Snazzy Packaging

Who Gives A Crap didn’t just make toilet paper ethical as heck, they made it pretty. Their new range is called Earth: A Limited Edition and features prints from famous nature photographers including National Geographic Photo Ark founder Joel Sartore, Melissa Groo and Forlian Ledoux. If these names mean nothing to you just have a look at their stunning wildlife shots.

The TP also comes with fun facts, QR codes on the box that link to sights and sounds of the natural world and ‘care instructions’ for the planet. Pretty neat eh?

At $58 for 48 rolls, it’s pretty good value too, considering your toilet time can become an ethical, multi-sensory experience.

Which is all well and good, but I’m still trying to work out how to get a whole box of the sloth rolls.