When it comes to camping, what you decide to eat can say a lot more about you than the gear in your pack.


Whatever you’re bringing to the table, camp feeds always lead to great conversation that’ll last long after you’ve cleaned up and headed home. Check out what these tasty staples say about you.

Steak and Mash

The Head Chef

If anyone can turn a campsite into a restaurant, it’s you. A visit to the local butcher to stock up the camp fridge may seem like overkill, until you’re famished after a long day. No matter the location, you’re the host with the most, balancing flavours to create unforgettable meals.

Really, you’re the glue that holds the trip together. You can turn fresh cooked fish into a story you and your mates will share when you’re back in the big smoke, hell, you can even recreate a pub feed out in the wild! Nothing beats a good hearty feed, and you’ve got the licked-clean plates to prove it.

Bringing people together over a great meal isn’t the only way you lead the pack. With all the confidence and determination you need to rally your crew, you’re doing much more than just feeding your mates – you’re fuelling adventure.


Fruit and Nuts

The Accidental Vegan

Unless you’ve got the spare cash, and space, to bring along a camp fridge or icebox, chances are your camp will be sans refrigeration. Perhaps the thought has crossed your mind… if it’s all plant based, it doesn’t need the fridge, right?

Warm beer and hummus may say otherwise, but you’re the epitome of chaotic good at the campsite. As much in food as in life, you’re less focussed on the big meals, and more about the little bits of joy. Sliced watermelon, sultanas, and the classic trail mix are all you need to keep spirits high.


Cold Brew

The Coffee Connoisseur

Even in the middle of nowhere, a good brew can kickstart the day. With the advent of all sorts of low-waste and easy to pack coffee kits, it’s possible to make a killer cold brew with nothing but a bag, some water, and your favourite mug. 

If you’re the one up before dawn sourcing filtered water for your own filter coffee, chances are you’ve got your priorities straight. You know what luxuries to choose (sleeping mat: yes.) and which to pass up until you really need them (ultralight tents, I’m looking at you). 

Reliable and dedicated, you’re the kind of traveler who’s high-energy in all the right ways. No matter the conditions, you’ve got that extra bit of pep in your step to turn even the gloomiest of days into a great adventure. 



Lord of the Tuckshop

Maybe you forgot to pack your camp snacks, maybe the thought of another can of tuna makes you want to scream, either way – you support the local economy like a legend. 

While some may find it strange, you’ll happily head into the nearest tuck shop and enjoy a chat with the locals. The social butterfly, you know that the best places are the ones off the map, and you’re not afraid to ask around to discover the best spot for a custard tart, chicken parmy or fine dining near your camp. 

Your curious spirit might lead you to some unconventional meals while out and about, but guaranteed – you’ll always have the best stories when it comes to what you ate, and how you found it. 


Cereal and Chilli

School Camp Champ

Once upon a time, you fell in love with cold baked beans, and those little single serves of Froot Loops and Corn Flakes. Today, you’re serving up old school cool in a can with all the nostalgia and cringe that comes with it.

If you’re brave enough to bring back the 90s snacks, chances are you’re just as bold when you’re not on the road. Loud and proud, you know what you like and you’re not afraid to show it! Your camp meal is instant childhood comfort, perfect for settling into your swag after a long day discovering new things.



Budget Boss

If anyone’s going to turn a camping trip into a way to save money, it’s you. Hats off to the original king of camping snacks – the humble tuna can and all those who enjoy it.

The master of prior planning, you’re serving up canned oily tuna on bread and enjoying every delicious bite. Where some would mock your choices as on the safe side, your caution means that you know what you’re getting yourself into and can sit back and relax knowing it’s all planned out. 

That’s not to say you can’t spice things up when it’s required, you’re not afraid of adding a little heat in a can of chilli tuna, or taking on a new experience with a side of mayo. There’s a flavour for every mood, and you’re ready to tackle every challenge.



Straight Up Legend

The life of any camp, if you’re bringing beer to the table – you’re sure to be in good company. You know how to make friends wherever you are and wherever you go, and your charisma is infectious.

Ready to chill out and soak up the best parts of the outdoors, you’re the type of camper who can turn any night into a party, and any day into a chance to connect with friends. Cheers to you!



Feature photo thanks to @tomking