It’s damn tricky to eat well on multi-day adventures, especially when it comes to fruit and veg. But these instant smoothies may be the ticket! 


The newly launched Melbourne-based brand, Welly, is all about helping Aussies eat more of the good stuff (fruit and veg) while helping us cut down on a bad habit (food waste). 

How? Instant smoothies made of 100% plants, some of which would’ve ended up in the bin. 

Each single-serve sachet has over two servings of fruit and veg, without any added sugars, preservatives or flavours. Welly says it’s not a supplement or health food, but rather fruit and veg ‘reimagined’. 

And they’d be an absolute treat on the trail. With each single-serve sachet weighing 22 grams, you could have five days’ worth of fruit and veg goodness for 110 grams. Talk about ultra-lightweight!

Plus each flavour is designed to help boost a certain function, whether recharging, revitalisation, energy, thinking, or immunity.

Check Out The Flavours 


How does it work?

The mechanics of it are pretty simple! 

  1. Pick your flavour (there are five to choose from)
  2. Rip the top off the sachet
  3. Tip the powder into a bottle with 350ml of water (if you want more of a juice) or milk of your choice (if you’re keen on a proper smoothie)
  4. Chuck the lid back on and give it a good shake
  5. Get it in your gullet!

We’ll definitely be giving these a go next time we’re out on the trail and in need of some fruit and veg.

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