We Are Explorers dot co is sporting a fresh face today, but trust us, this makeover is more than skin deep.

We’ve made the site easier to navigate and search, freshened up our map function and made the whole thing look damn crisp.

Here are the highlights!

New Logo

After a bunch of dreaming, doodling and gazing off mountaintops we realised that the answer was right in front of us. The new We Are Explorers icon evokes a mountain poking through the mist at sunrise, an experience we’re all familiar with (and longing for). The circle’s important too; it represents the community who’ve helped build this platform. We reckon they’ll be just as stoked as us about this next evolution.

The icon neatly replaces the O of We Are Explorers, which just so happens to form the centre of our logo in certain formats. There are also some cheeky angles on the E’s that follow the slope of the mountain. That angle’s all through the site actually, but make sure you check it out on desktop to really get the full experience.


You’ll also notice some tasty greens and greys on the site now, don’t they just remind ya of eucalyptus trees?

New Map

The microadventure map’s been a part of We Are Explorers for a while now. But with over 500 microadventures, expeditions, road trips and playground pieces on the site, we knew it needed an upgrade.

You can search the map for all of the Explore categories or choose the kind of adventure that takes your fancy. Then you can get stuck into some filters if you’re picky, click apply and start booking in a date with your mates.

If all that’s too hard, our search function now sniffs out adventures faster than a hipster hunting a truffle toastie. Ask away!

Full-screen everything

We can throw up banger images full size now, so you can get immersed in your next escape and forget that you’re on the bus.

Even videos open in-browser, so grab your earphones and get to it!