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We’ve just hit publish on our first episode of the We Are Explorers Podcast Season 2. 

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Dut dah dah dahhhh!


This time around, it’s not just our Founder Henry who you’ll be hearing on the mic – we’re getting the whole team in on the fun!

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In this week’s episode, I had the privilege of chatting with one of our regular contributors, Eva Davis-Boermans, to get the scoop on her and her partner Adam’s 16-month lap of Australia!

(Pssst! Read Eva’s latest article about picking up rubbish in the Coral Sea for two weeks.)


Stop it ya cuties!


I got the goss on their favourite adventures and locations around the country, how to plan for a long time on the road, and things you wouldn’t think of until it’s probably too late.

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Photos thanks to @evadavisboermans