Master of all adventure sports and the beacon that leads the We Are Explorers editorial team through the darkness, Tim Ashelford, has hurled together our next playlist for niche outdoor moments.


Titled ‘I Just Nearly Crashed My Mountain Bike But I Didn’t’, this all-Aussie, homegrown set of tracks will send your adrenaline levels soaring as you skrrrt round those dusty bends and send it downhill, arms shaking all the way.

Tuning in, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve just entered a sweaty, jostling mosh pit at your local drinking hole. From poppy classics like ‘It’s Nice to be Alive’ by Aussie darlings, Ball Park Music, to the short, sharp, and punchy stylings of Peter Bibby, this playlist is an Aussie rock mashup. 

Sitting still while listening should be avoided at all costs. Plug it into your ears and follow us on Spotify!