The second instalment of We Are Explorer’s playlist collection has just dropped! This week, WAE Founder, Henry Brydon brings us his most coveted tracks to accompany one of the most delightful moments on the trails. 


It’s been a long, sweaty day of putting one foot in front of the other as you make tracks through the Snowy Mountains backcountry. With high temps and little breeze, your feet have worked up a damn sweat. They’ve been in and out of your boots all day as you criss-cross rivers and your socks have filled up with spurs. 

You’ve just landed at your camp for the night, and given your face and feet a good wipe down. As the sun begins to dip, along with the temperature, you reach inside your pack for your most prized possession – a fresh pair of hiking socks. 

Tenderly, you open the mouth of each clean, crisp sock and slip your foot inside. The first wiggle of the digits sends your eyes rolling to the back of your head as a slight curl appears in the corner of the mouth. Then, suddenly, it’s as if someone has started a stereo system inside your head, and this begins to play…



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