Roll up roll up! Come get your sweaty palms on the latest (and possibly greatest) We Are Explorers merch, just in time for a scorching hot summer.


We’ve been hard at work concocting ideas about what makes an untake-offable T-shirt and an emotional support bucket hat. And we think we’ve bloody nailed it. Don’t believe me? Just check out the ear-to-ear grins on these 100% satisfied Explorers. 


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And who could possibly have too many hats and tees? Especially when you’re giving them a rightful sun-thrashing, mud-bashing, grass-staining roll around the outdoors. 

Satisfaction Guaran-Tee

Our Satisfaction Guaran-Tee shirt features a silly but stellar illustration from the good folks at Vacation Studio, a design house based in Wanaka that’s inspired by old-school marketing.

It’s 100% organic cotton (mmmm), uses waterbased ink and is Fair Wear certified, which means you can chuck it on with pride.



You like mustard right? Siiiiick, cause that’s the colour we picked out for you! This couldn’t have lined up any better.


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Slip Slop Flop

Our Floppy Bucket Hat is 100% hemp and 200% chill, that’s our promise man. We’ve kept it simple with a navy blue colouring featuring a white retro ‘We Are Explorers’ or ‘Wes Rerolpxe Are’ logo, depending how you look at it.



There’s also a sneaky, cheeky pocket hidden inside for carrying…essentials. 

So when you slip, slap, slop this summer, do it in style and let everyone around you know that, ‘Hey, I’m an outdoors kinda soul’. 


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Photos by @henry_brydon