The We Are Explorers podcast is back with a little help from our friends at Arc’teryx, and this time, we’re bringing you an extra special four-part series we like to call, Inside Out

What’s Inside Out about?

In each episode, we chat to an exceptional human in the outdoor scene with a mission beyond themselves. Whether they’re building a community of nature-lovers around them or helping everyone they can to access the outdoors, these humans are driven by their purpose to connect people with nature.

We’re channelling our inner David Attenborough and recording this series out in the field, so expect a bit of ripper adventure chat, some serious waffle, wildlife spotting, deep introspection, and ASMR heavy breathing while hiking up stairs (apologies in advance).


Listen to the First Episode Now!

We’ve just dropped the first instalment, where Henry finds himself in the wilds of the Blue Mountains, chit-chatting away with hiking tour guide Dan Jee, better known as @hikeandseek



Dan’s on a mission to instil his love of our planet in anyone he meets while teaching them how to adventure without a trace.

And the best part is, Dan’s only been in the outdoor scene for a few years – before that he was a serious gamer! 

Listen now to hear how the outdoors turned Dan’s life on its head in the best way possible. 

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Photos thanks to @henry_brydon and @shaneo_braino