From next week, NSW and VIC residents will be welcomed back into Western Australia, without needing to quarantine! 


It’s been an unbelievably long time since west and east coast Aussies have been able to embrace, share a cold one, and hang out in real life. In fact it’s been over eight months since the WA border closed on April 5th. 

But from December 8th (that’s one week away!) WA will let down their mighty border guards and allow residents from NSW and Victoria back to the west. It’s a Christmas miracle! 

South Australia still remains a medium-risk state, so restrictions are still tight for anyone travelling from, or through there until at least December 11. So if you’re coming from NSW or VIC, maybe pass on the coast to coast roadie for now and just book a flight instead. 

Western Australia has gone an impressive 223 days without a COVID case, and this is all pending that NSW and Victoria don’t record another community transmitted case before next Tuesday. 

Woot woo! The band’s getting back together!


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Feature photo by Andrew Marr