Cowabunga Sydney! URBNSURF has plans to build one of their world leading surf parks just 14km from the CBD. 


URBNSURF has been running their Melbourne surf park for a few years now, and official stoke levels down there are off the chart. Now it’s Sydney’s turn to get frothy. 

But doesn’t Sydney already have like, a million surfable beaches?

A million and one I think, but it’s just not enough! Have you seen those line ups at Bondi of a morning?

URBNSURF reckon more people in NSW participate in surfing than rugby league, basketball, netball, cricket, hockey, squash, volleyball, AFL, yoga, and fishing – around 200,000 Sydneysiders and counting! So chucking another place people can hang ten makes sense.

So where will the new surf park be?

The home of all great sports and events in Sydney – Sydney Olympic Park. The Eastern suburbs have enough waves going on, throw some out to the west I say! And that’s what they’re gonna do.

When can we expect to be riding these waves?

URBNSURF anticipates a summer 2022/23 opening, so you’ve got this summer to get your 360° down pat.

What’s this surf park going to be like?

The new URBNSURF park will use Wavegarden®, the world-leading wave-making technology to create primo waves for a range of surfing abilities. 

Someone checked the forecast on Willy Weather and realised that a north-south orientation would be the best way to build the lagoon.

They’ve heard full moon surfing is a bit of a thing, so will chuck some LED lighting around so frothers can surf day or night. The whole facility will be run on renewable energy with strict water saving systems in place too.

Plus being less than a kilometre from Olympic Park traino, you and your 9ft mal can even catch the train there.

But I don’t surf, what’s in it for me?

Heckin’ heaps! There’ll be space in the lagoon for bodysurfers too (if that’s more your style), but if you prefer to kick back and watch the waves roll in, you can do so from a beach cabana, hot tub, cafe or the rooftop bar. 

There’ll be a leisure pool for those who just want to have hand stand comps with their mates, a skate park, spaces for working, plus a surf academy with coaches in case the itch to get in there gets the better of you. 

Catch ya in the surf!