Unyoked is starting a Writer’s Residency and giving four hand-picked writers six months of unrestricted access to their cabins to get their creative juices flowing. 

What is Unyoked?

You know Unyoked! They’re the crew who are leading the charge in the tiny house escape craze around Australia. They’ve got lush cabins hiding away in all sorts of natural nooks and crannies around NSW, VIC, and QLD.

They even teamed up with Matthew McConaughey that one time. They’re all about regular dates with nature and provide you with the perfect setting to enjoy each other’s company. 


What Do Matthew McConaughey, Unyoked & Wild Turkey Have In Common?, photo courtesy of Getty Images/ Wild Turkey, Matthew McConaughey, Chris and Cam Grant, cabin, bourbon whiskey

Nature and Creativity

Unyoked are keen to prove that creativity is at its peak when we break down the barriers between humans and nature, so they’re starting a Writer’s Residency.

The residency will give four selected writers, or ‘Wilderness Residents’, regular, no-strings-attached access to Unyoked cabins for six months to allow space for inspiration and wild running imaginations. Yes, ALL Unyoked cabins. 


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‘Not many of us realise how powerful the outdoors can be for creativity,’ says Cam Grant, Unyoked co-founder and CEO.

‘We know it can help us recharge, but for some reason the idea that being out in nature helps us to think differently is not widely acknowledged. We’re all for changing that.’

Unyoked Anthology

If you’re one of the four residents selected, the writing that you create while you’re off the grid will be published in Unyoked’s first anthology, along with the works of two dozen other finalists, all of which will be personally selected by four judges from the creative, publishing, and media industries. 

The judges have just been announced, they are:

  • Alyx Gorman, Lifestyle Editor of The Guardian Australia
  • Zac Bayly, lauded Australian editor, feature writer and consultant
  • Jazz Money, Wiradjuri poet and artist with works widely published nationally and internationally
  • Georgia Francis King, Literary Agent with Aevitas Creative Management and past Editor of Kinfolk Magazine and Quartz’s Idea’s Editor

Every published finalist will be paid for their writing and the anthology will be proudly placed in every Unyoked cabin around the country. If the cabins were big enough for a pool room, I suspect that’s where you’d find it.


How Do I Apply?

Submissions open TODAY Wednesday April 7 and close Sunday May 30th. 

Unyoked are looking for writing about nature, in a variety of styles, from poetry to short essays, but with an emphasis on work that captures the thrill of being in nature and the spirit of the outdoors. Think less travel blog, more heart-warming inspiration. 

Writing applications should be no more than 800 words. Warm up those fingertips and brew yourself a cuppa, there’s writing to be done!