Unyoked has collaborated with a bunch of musicians to create an EP inspired by the sounds of the wild. Shit yeah. 


Damn, Unyoked is pretty cool hey? 

The team just released their latest project Field Recordings that they were working on during lockdown.

In essence they sent seven emerging artists to their cabins, recording device in hand, and asked them to come back with a track inspired by the sounds of the wild they captured there.

The end result had the whole We Are Explorers team absolutely frothing. Have a listen for yourself…



Personally, I’m not cool enough to know the artists we’re listening to, but you probably are. 

There are the likes of Ex-Olympian, Braille Face, Las Mar, Jonti, Ninajirachi, Lucianblomkamp and Chloe Kae, with Nick Franklin mastering all the tracks. 

The idea behind the project is to normalise musicians creating music in nature as often as they do in the studio. 

‘We know that time alone in nature, exposed to different environments and perspectives, enhances creative flow and helps us come up with funky new ways of thinking…But professional musicians spend a lot of time in dark, windowless recording booths and stuffy rehearsal spaces. Not ideal.’

– Unyoked


When you undoubtedly like what you hear, you can buy the cassette tape – yep, cassette – on Bandcamp for $9. You also get a digital version, but we reckon the cassette is all you need (and maybe a cassette player). 

Press play, close your eyes, and picture Mother Nature.  


Feature photo by Tom Darley