Keen to help restore 70km of missing crayweed forest on Sydney’s coastline lost decades ago because of human pollution? Now’s your chance! Our crowdfunding campaign is live and donations are now open!


We Are Explorers has teamed up with Operation Crayweed to bring you the Underwater Forest Project – a crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise $42,000 and replant an entire crayweed site along Sydney’s coastline. 

We’ve been banging on about this project for a few weeks now, bringing you the low down on why the heck crayweed is so important and who the heck is doing all this replanting (hint: a bunch of rad marine scientists and possibly, you?). 

All this to say, the campaign is live and you can donate right now!

Donate Now!


Talk Perky To Me

Now, we totally believe that the We Are Explorers community is generous and caring enough to chuck some cash towards the cause no matter what. But we bloody love you lot, and we want to make it worth your while. 

Introducing our donation perks! 

O-fish-ally Awesome – $25

Consider one crayweed plant restored on your behalf. And we’ll chuck you a 75mL sunscreen from We Are Feel Good Inc (plus an invite to our planting day).

Shell Yeah Buoy! – $50

Hope you’re thirsty, cause $50 will earn you a 12 pack of non-alcoholic beers from Athletic Brewing Co. and an invite to planting day. 

Seal of Approval – $100

Consider your generous donation sign, sealed, and delivered, when you get your hands on one of the limited edition Underwater Forest Project x Project Blank tees! (And a planting day invite no less!)

Check out the radical, specially made, t-shirt design!



Turtle-y Radical – $120

To show you how rad you are, here, take a Project Blank beach pack. Complete with wetsuit dry bag (that doubles as an esky * taps nose *) and a king beach towel. Pull it all out at the planting day, cause you’re coming!

Flex Ya Mussels – $200

The future is looking bright with a donation like this, so protect your peepers with a pair of Costa Sunnies and an invite to our planting day of course. 

Whale of a Donation – $500

This is for that person who has got to have it all – a reforested coastline AND a whole lotta perks. We can’t thank ya enough for this one, but hopefully one of all of the above will help? 

I’m talking; 

  • 75ml We Are Feel Good Inc sunscreen
  • 12 pack of Atheltic Brewing Co non-alcoholic beer
  • A limited edition Underwater Forest Project x Project Blank tee
  • A Project Blank beach pack
  • A pair of Costa Sunnies
  • AND a yearly subscription to WILD Mag 
  • Plus an invite to our planting day – what more could you want?  

Company Donation – $1000

Are you a business (or more likely, working for a business) and keen to get on board this epic project? Chuck some coin towards the cause and we’ll give you a big ol’ social media shout out so everyone knows how great you are!

We’re stoked to be able to help out the awesome team at Operation Crayweed with their mission to reforest Sydney’s seas. Get involved and tell your mates! 


Donate Now!