We’re halfway to our goal of crowdfunding $42,000 for Operation Crayweed as part of Underwater Forest Project and it’s all thanks to you!


Sydney’s seaweed forests are vital to the underwater ecosystem and they’re in critical danger of disappearing forever. That’s why we set out sights on raising $42,000 for local not-for-profit Operation Crayweed and we’re officially halfway there!

We want to say a massive THANK YOU to those who’ve made major donations so far. Shout out to the legends at Award Force and in particular Athletic Brewing Co., thank you so much for your support!

If you want to help us reforest Sydney’s seas, we still have $21,000 to go and you’ve got seven days left to help us get there! Underwater Forest Project officially wraps up on Wednesday 7th of December.


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Photo thanks to John Turnball


And you won’t just get virtual kudos for helping restore Sydney’s seas, we’ve also got some epic perks at different donation levels.

For $25 you’ll get a sea-safe sunscreen, $100 bucks will get you a nifty t-shirt, $150 will give you a Project Blank beach pack that includes a wetsuit dry bag and beach towel.

If you’re pulling out the big guns, $200 will score you some Costa sunnies, and $500 will nab you a goodie bag with one of everything, plus a year subscription to WILD Mag!

If you’re a company who wants to give back and donate $1000, we’ll give you a big shoutout on social media for your generosity.

So what are you waiting for? Help us restore Sydney’s underwater forests now!



Feature image thanks to Richard Woodgate