New Zealand and Australia will be joined at the hip once again, as NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern agrees to a proposed trans-Tasman bubble with Australia early next year.


Pack your skis, hiking boots, and puffer jacket cause Aussies will be allowed to hop the ditch again by the end of March 2021

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has just announced that as long as Australia’s COVID-19 cases remain low, New Zealand will happily open their borders to Aussies, without the need to quarantine on arrival. Did someone say ‘Sweet as bro’?



A specific date is yet to be set, but Ardern hopes the travel-bubble will open within the first quarter of the year, and plans to set a date early 2021.

The main requirement for the travel-bubble going ahead will be 28 days straight without community transmission across Australia. 



Since October, Kiwis have been allowed to travel to some Aussie states without quarantining, but not the other way round. Queensland opened their borders to Kiwis last week, leaving WA as the last remaining state in which New Zealander travellers need to quarantine on arrival. 

We can’t wait to reunite with our long-lost Kiwi cousins and get back to the untamed wilds and endless beauty of New Zealand. Whether you’re hiking your little feet off, shredding the gnar, or snuggling up in a backcountry hut, there’s no shortage of radical adventures in New Zealand. Start dreamin’!


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Feature photo by Bijmin Swart