Let me be the first to introduce to you, the Thriving Planet Podcast – Australia’s first (and only!) bite-sized, sustainability-focused news podcast. 


Looking for a way to keep up with all the environmental news of the world, but sick of scrolling through your timeline? Tune into Thriving Planet Podcast.

Every Friday morning hosts Ash Webb and Kristen Amiet will bring you a ten-minute wrap-up on all things environment and sustainability that went down during the week. 

Consider it your shortcut to environmental news. 



But Thriving Planet Podcast is more than just scientific papers summarised – everything and anything green makes the cut! 

From the producers of Love Island dressing the cast in second-hand clothes, to dissecting the latest IPCC report – it all counts!

Expect plenty of pop culture, politics, social justice, economics, and of course, a healthy dose of good news too.

Tune in every Friday morning for the Weekly Wrap!


Feature photo by Georgia Doherty