Keen to treat yo’self to some fresh kit while helping our NSW national parks? Make a purchase from The National Project by lifestyle brand Pony Rider and they’ll chuck some cash towards restoring wilderness huts around NSW. 


Just like us, the crew at Pony Rider are pretty damn stoked on the outdoors. They love running amok in the bush by day, and finding a stoop by the fire to get a glimpse of the cosmic light show by night. 




To help ensure our adventures and the nature we froth are just as magical for years to come, Pony Rider is donating 1% of all sales from their latest collection, The National Project, to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife (FNPW). That’s on top of their $10,000 donation. Niiiiiice.

Pony Rider Founder Kelly Searle said ‘The adventures we encounter in our parks are boundless, and they ignite the little scout in all of us. We’re excited about our inaugural program that inspires people to get out and spend time exploring our National Parks. The walking huts are there for all to enjoy and encourage us to be more adventurous.’ 

FNPW are pretty stoked on the partnership as well ‘We’re so excited to partner with Pony Rider on the hut project. Heritage Buildings like Bullocks Hut provide great places for visitors to create unique and memorable experiences. These assets must be maintained for future generations to enjoy’.

Shout out to the Kosciuszko Hut Association who voluntarily spend time restoring and maintaining all of NSW’s alpine huts for the enjoyment of Explorers!

The National Project collection comes in a bunch of dreamy colours that tbh, I haven’t seen many other outdoor brands get around. 

You’ve got a choice of four different beanies to snug onto your skull, two beautiful blankets made from Australian merino wool to wrap around you as you settle in by the fire, and a selection of organic cotton T-shirts and jumpers that’ll take you from the street straight to the trail. 

What are you waiting for? Treat yo’self and our national parks at the same time!

All photos thanks to Pony Rider