Hey Tassie! It’s official, you’re allowed back on the mainland! We’ve missed you! 


It’s been a long seven months, but from today, Tasmania has reopened their border to low-risk Aussie states and territories.

Visitors from Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, and the ACT, are now allowed to travel to Tasmania without having to quarantine. Heck yeah!

Tasmanians Coming Back to The Mainland

From today, Tasmanians are also allowed to leave the island state and visit most of these states and territories, with some exceptions. 

WA’s hard border is still in place, meaning you’re only allowed to travel to the state if you have an exemption, no matter where you’re coming from.

If you’re wanting to visit SA, you’ll need to fill out a Cross Border Travel Registration and can’t transit through any Victorian airport. 

Keen to go to Queensland? You’re allowed to transit through NSW or VIC airports, so long as you don’t leave (and can prove it). 

Travelling to Tasmania?

You’ll need to register your travel details with the Tas e-Travel online registration system at least three days before you arrive. They’ll give you a QR code to present to travel authorities on arrival, where they’ll also take your temperature and ask if you’ve got any symptoms.

If you do, you’ll be required to get tested and isolate until you get your results. So keep those sniffles at bay before you travel!

You’re also allowed to take the Spirit of Tasmania to the island state! As the port’s located in Victoria, travellers from low-risk states are only allowed to stop for fuel when driving through VIC or NSW. 

NSW and VIC are considered medium and high-risk states, and will hopefully be allowed to travel to and from Tasmania come December 1st.


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Feature photo by Nick Stacey