Taika Waititi is dad-vlogging his outdoor adventures and Kate’s hooked.

There are plenty of outdoorsy influencers out and about on social media nowadays. All you need to do is search ’Vanlife’ on YouTube to be hit with thousands of vlogs by athleisure toting couples, linen-clad eco warriors, and mulleted climbing bros. However, one of the newest such content creators gracing our Insta feeds is none other than Taika Waititi.

If you aren’t familiar with this phenomenal Māori director from Aotearoa (New Zealand), you’re likely familiar with his work. He’s directed plenty of films such as Hunt for the Wilderpeople, What We Do in The Shadows, Jojo Rabbit, and the latest Thor movies by Marvel. You might’ve even caught a glimpse of him as Blackbeard in the new HBO series Our Flag Means Death.

However, recently Waititi has shifted his keen directorial prowess from the big screen to the very little screen. Currently adventuring around Aotearoa, Taika Waititi has become the ultimate outdoorsy dad vlogger.

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In the past week, the Māori director, has not only been taking his kids around Aotearoa but his Instagram followers too. So far, on the influencer’s itinerary has been Hobbiton, glow worm caves, hikes through wild Aotearoa jungle, acidic hot springs, horse riding through Otago country, and luging down mountains.

Whilst the views of Aotearoa’s phenomenal natural landscape were delightful, perhaps what stole the show was Waititi’s commentary.

Followers of Taika’s page were gifted plenty of nuggets of classic dad humour, under the hashtag #dadsontour. In one story Taika yells, ‘what a Luge-r’ at his kids, as he speeds down Skyline Luge’s Queenstown slopes.

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In true dad fashion, Taika spends several videos declaring that he is an ‘influenza’ against a background of his kid’s embarrassed groans. At one point, he was asked a question by his daughter, only to respond with,

‘I am talking to my followers right now, babe.’

However, I’d argue that the real influencers were Taika’s daughters. There’s something beautiful about a dad taking panoramas of the jungle, followed by his daughter moping over muddy shoes.

Taika Waititi was also quick to share cultural insights and beauty tips, plucking the ends of a couple of dewy ferns, and slapping them on his under eyes;

‘The serum in there helps to activate the natural facial collagen… and even though I look 82 years old, I’m 83’

Taika Waititi’s dad-vlogging of his outdoor adventures was truly charming insight into Aotearoa’s natural beauty complete with classic fatherly dry humor – and I for one, hope for plenty more Waititi outdoorsy vlogs!

Interested in watching Taika’s travels? Luckily for you Taikaholic has compiled all of Waititi’s outdoorsy vlogs right here for your enjoyment: