Have you ever swum in the Parramatta River at Concord? Unless you were around before 1969, probably not! But that’s all about to change. 


The Parramatta River at Bayview Park in Concord is reopening for swimming this November – just in time for summer! With a natural sandy beach, plenty of shade, plus picnic tables, BBQs, & toilets, this swim spot is perfectly set up for a family day by the water. 

The City of Canada Bay council has been working on rejuvenating the foreshore park, thanks to $700,000 of state-government funding that’s gone towards creating a netted swim enclosure, an outdoor shower, and improving access to the previously closed swim spot. 


Bayview Park, Concord


The works will continue next year with an upgrade of Bayview Park’s picnic and parking facilities, and a landscaped facelift. But that’s not all that’s needed to change in order to reopen the site. 

Making Parramatta River Fit For Swimming

The area was once a bustling swim spot from the 1930s but was closed in 1969 due to the poor water quality of the Parramatta River. Thanks to the joint efforts of Sydney Water, Parramatta River Catchment Group, and multiple councils, the water quality of the river has significantly improved, with areas like Bayview Park now safe enough for swimming once again. (Psssst! We’re helping replant crayweed that was lost due to this bad water quality. Get involved!)

But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, the Parramatta River Catchment Group is on a mission to make the entire Parramatta River swimmable by 2025 – and they’re on a roll, with spots like Cabarita Park Beach and Chiswick Baths already open, and Bedlam Bay in Gladesville also on course to reopen before the year is out. 

So wring out your cossies and grab your towel, summer’s almost here and there’s an abundance of wild swimming near Sydney, you’ve just gotta go out and find it.


Feature photo is an artist’s impression of the upgraded site