Prime offshore surf conditions are guaranteed in Central Queensland from now on with the opening of the world-first Surf Lakes wave pool. 


In a paddock between Rockhampton and Yeppoon, pro surfers have been shredding the gnar on machine-made peaks produced by Surf Lakes prototype technology. 

Wait, machine-made waves?

The facility produces over 2000 waves an hour, with five different types of waves available at the same time to cater for all surfing abilities, from kooks and groms to downright pros. 

The pool can handle around 200 surfers at once and can produce waves with a face height of up to 2.4 metres. 

The waves are created by a big ol’ device that sits in the middle of the pool, bobbing up and down and creating swell. Artificial reefs are situated around the pool to react to the swell and simulate different kinds of breaks. Just like in the ocean. 


Backed by The Pros

International pro surfer Mark Occhilupo is an ambassador for the pool and is absolutely frothing it. 

‘The novelty doesn’t get old. It’s really exciting every time I come up to surf it,’ he told ABC News

Although a pool could never replace the encompassing experience of surfing in the ocean, there are plenty of benefits to going for a paddle in a wave pool, especially for those just learning the sport. 

‘The ocean is crowded and there are a lot of things that deter people from surfing it — sharks, and rips, and bluebottles — and there’s none of that here,’ Mark told ABC News.

The Surf Lakes pool is yet to open to the public (sad face) but with a few upgrades, there’ll hopefully be surfers of all sorts dropping in in no time. 


Feature photo supplied by Surf Lakes