Huge swell from an East Coast low beckoned the gnarliest of Sydney’s surfers yesterday.



Manly’s pretty chill; nice banks, a luxe place to snorkel (Shelly Beach) and more gelato shops than you can hit in an arvo. But when a hectic swell rolls in you can count on a few reef breaks, known as bomboras, throwing up huge beasty waves.

I dunno if big waves are getting more common on the East Coast, or if we just all have great video cameras now, but check out this video from Deadman’s at Manly.

How does surfing get to hang onto chill, beachy vibes when maniacs are out there riding 10 metre behemoths like this? I’d be crossin’ my shakas and prayin’ to Huey. Enjoy!

Feature photo by @spencerfrostfilms