Aussie travel magazine get lost is looking a bit closer to home for issue 65. Keep that passport holstered!


get lost mag is usually all about hopping on a plane and heading to far-flung lands in search of adventure, but they’ve got something in common with We Are Explorers; they’re not about run-of-the-mill experiences. get lost isn’t about Insta hot-spots and tourist traps, it’s about finding real experiences in unusual places.

This whole coronavirus debacle has really stitched up international travel, but it’s given the get lost crew a chance to look inward. In fact, they’ve been pleasantly surprised about what they’ve found and whipped out a 20-page feature called ‘Australia vs The World’ that celebrates everything Australia brings to the table. Think epic road trips, stunning coral reefs and mind-being salt flats all require a trip off the continent? Think again!

We’ve even partnered with get lost on one of the articles, a preview of the new Grampians Peaks Trail in Gariwerd National Park. ‘Go Wild in Gariwerd’, check it out!

Because we’re mates now, we’ve tee’d up a discount code for getting your hands on a get lost subscription – just chuck in the promo code ‘WAE’ for 30% off your subscription!

Not convinced? These articles might take your fancy: you could be taking a hike along a Jawoyn Songline in Nitmiluk National Park, or diving into the history of pearling on the West Australian coast? Maybe you’ll don your finest sequins for an outback festival, or wade into freshwater while learning to fly fish in Tassie.

We’re stoked to see more of you exploring your backyard, and get lost are doing it right. Give print the love it deserves and nab a subscription today.