For some, a life of adventure is a fresh pair of underwear, a different pub on a Friday night or a new pizza topping. For others, the experience usually involves the mountains and the ocean, camping, living wild and free.

While your current lifestyle is comfortable and comforting, we urge you to stop tiring yourself out on the hamster wheel and start living a balanced life of adventure.

Here are our ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ in support of an adventure lifestyle.

1. Create A New Inbox

One the greatest flaws of us wage slaves is that we find it hard to let go of the work life. There is nothing more unfathomable than coming back to a busting inbox after a few days off. But by creating a new inbox- your adventure bucket list- you’ll find that your days off are now prioritised by unflagging and filing away new experiences and adventures. All while having no thoughts of that damn supplier who is forever chasing the account to be paid.


2. Get More ‘D’

Take it outside. I know right, how wild?! Spending time in the sun, without over-exposing yourself, is everything your body needs when it comes to naturally producing and ensuring optimum Vitamin D levels. Plenty of outdoors time is an integral part of an adventure lifestyle.


3. Get Down And Dirty

The modern obsession of being in an antibacterial and sterilised world has overtaken natural biodiversity. This could be doing more harm than good. Recent studies show that being exposed to soil based organisms help develop and maintain appropriate immune regulatory circuits. So don’t be afraid to get down and dirty more often. Swim in that wild swimming hole, explore barefoot, make mud pies or even weed the garden beds you have been avoiding for months.


4. Become Unstuck

As Paulo Coelho said:


‘If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.’


As creatures of habit, defaulting to the familiar is not an uncommon trait. The weeks begin to fly by as you find yourself being stuck on autopilot. You will not evolve in life if you stick to the same habits and routine. So stop tiring yourself out on the hamster wheel and try something new. Ditch the gym for a wilderness trail, blow away the cobwebs of city living and breathe in the salt air for a weekend escape the dining room and opt outside for a BBQ breakfast, lunch or dinner at your local park.


5. Erase Expectations

We have all experienced the slap in the face reality sometimes gives us. Like when all you have dreamt about before your tropical island getaway is the amazingly perfect weather but you are greeted by a thick cover of rain clouds and the hellish humidity levels that you cannot escape from because the room you booked has no AC. While some expectation fantasies do prove accurate, reality can often hit. You will soon learn to not expect anything and will have a helluva time no matter the circumstance. By maintaining an open mind, you will live in a constant world of wonder. And as you live your adventure lifestyle you won’t be let down.


6. Personal Growth

Having a life of adventure cultivates new perspectives, allows you to unplug and face your fears. Letting go of fear and taking risks helps us grow a greater sense of inner peace amidst the ups and downs. The downtimes help raise your tolerance for uncertainty and learn to cope with unplanned situations.


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