The first of September. Spring has well and truly sprung, which can mean only one thing; spring microadventures.


We’re bouncing off the walls with excitement for the warmer, longer, adventure-filled, sunny days to come. To make your ‘to-do list’ a little easier to construct, here are a selection of ideas for some weekend microadventures you can all embark on this spring.

1. Go on a Road Trip

Australia and road trips go together like fish and chips. There are loads of routes that whisk you away from the city and into the wild. Discover the Pacific Highway that winds along the North and South Coasts of Sydney or maybe the quiet trails through the Blue Mountains to our West. Drop your finger on the map and drive there! (If you leave at 5 pm on Friday and return 6 pm on Sunday in time for X Factor, you’ve literally given yourself 49 hours of adventure playtime. Think of the possibilities…).

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Stay Home Is the Order, but what if You’re a Nomad?, photo by Henry Brydon, Tasmania, car camping, nomads

2. Go Horse Riding

Whether you’re a fan of Western movies, a closet horse whisperer or just fancy yourself in a pair of jodhpurs, riding a trusty steed through the NSW mountain ranges is an experience that’s very hard to beat. A multi-day trek is the proper way to do it; you’ll explore diverse and rugged terrain like explorers of the past, camping out under the stars to share stories and apply the trusted chafage cream. Check out an adventure with Kangaroo Valley Horses and Reynella Rides in the Snowy Mountains.


3. Go Mountain Biking

Some of the dirtiest weekends of my life have been spent with a bike between my legs. If you’re in need of a fix in the mountains but walking just doesn’t cut the mustard, then buy one from here or hire one from here and head for the hills. Its an awesome day out with your mates, and options near Sydney include the Manly Dam Circuit, Hornsby Bike Park and the Woodford to Glenbrook downhill route (Blue Mountains).


4. Sleep in a Cave

Hidden away amongst spectacular scenery, Sydney has numerous cave escapes for anyone looking for a unique weekend adventure whilst reconnecting to their ancestral roots. Whether you’re looking for something remote and intimate, or something big enough to throw a cave rave, there’s something for every kind of cave-dweller. It really is surprising how ‘at home’ one feels sleeping in a cave, so dust down your loin cloth and try one these weekend retreats. Try Pindar Cave (Brisbane Waters), 100 Man Cave (Kanangra Boyd NP) or Psyn Cave (Blue Mountains).


5. Go to a Music Festival

(Maybe not in 2020, but eventually!)

Once you scratch beneath the surface of the Australian festival scene it becomes quickly apparent that there’s a lot more to it than just spending a day listening to Avici with your face rubbing against the dripping back of roided-up 18 year old. Now that spring’s upon us, there are some fist-pumping options out there.

6. Hunter Valley Wine Riding

This is a great one for a bunch of your guy and girl mates to get together and whisk through Hunter Valley vineyards, sampling the finest wines known to humanity and gorging on local cheeses and meats. Seeing as you’re all designated drivers, go steady on the boozing – just fill your basket with your favourite bottles and enjoy them in the evening. Give Grapemobile a call if you don’t own your own steed.

7. Wild Swim in a Waterfall

If following lane dividers at your local swimming pool is getting a little tedious, then it’s probably time you tried wild swimming. A wild swim adventure is about finding a remote river, lagoon, waterfall or lake; basically anywhere that’s completely entombed by nature to ensure a seriously chlorine-free experience. Be brave, breath deep and take the plunge – you won’t regret it. Collin’s Beach Waterfall or Winifred Falls are our top recommendations!


Henry Brydon waterfall nsw new south wales

8. Fishing and Camping Adventure

This microadventure is another way to re-connect to your more primitive roots, and all you need to pack is a fishing rod, a little luck and a couple of cold ones. Choose whether you want to go for a mountain stream or coastal lake, then just drive or hike to that location, cast your line and let the good times roll. Let’s face it, there’s nothing fresher or more wholesome than eating something that was still wriggling minutes before! Try Cox River (Blue Mountains), Myall Lakes, Mt Kosciuszko (Snowy Mountains) or The Sapphire Coast.


Best Fishing Spots In Sydney, photo thanks to DNSW, men, fishing, boat, Hawkesbury River, sunset, Wisemans Ferry, friends

Photo thanks to DNSW

9. Go to a Country Pub

With no fire to stoke, no comfy stained sofa to sink into and certainly no pint glass in sight, obvious dilemmas face the English drinker in Australia, but the four walls of an outback boozer capture and compress the soul of some seriously remote places into an unforgettable experience. Designate a driver (the one that’s training for a triathlon or lugging around a big pregnant belly are normally good choices) and head to Billi Pub (Billinudgel), Taylor’s Arm (Northern NSW) or if you’re feeling brave The Palace Hotel in Broken Hill.



Feature photo by @ainraadik