Calling all groms, kooks, and shredders – She Surfs Film Tour has just barrelled onto Aussie screens with a line up of surf films that challenge the disparity between men and women in surf culture. 


She Surfs Film Tour begins its national tour this week in Perth, with a swath of films that centre around the stories of female surfers from all over the globe, particularly from our own surf breaks in Australia. 

The female-orientated film tour wants to shake up the status quo by prioritising the stories of female surfers as more and more women take up the sport.

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‘With surf films historically being so male-dominated, it’s refreshing to see female surfers sharing their skills and stories on the big screen, ready to inspire a new wave of female surfers’, said Festival Founder Jemima Robinson.

The selection of films showcases both the skills and courage of female surfers, while others hone in on the challenges of being a female surfer in such a seemingly male-dominated sport. 

From the adventures of Vittoria Farmer, a Sunshine Coast surfer who travels to Ireland to surf the coastline in winter, to the plight of female surfers in Sri Lanka as they forge their place on the island’s waves, these films are made to put a fire in your belly. 

The hero film of the selection is ‘Below Surface’ the ‘accidental activist’ story of Lucy Small who called out the unequal prize money between the male and female divisions after winning a surf comp on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2021, 

But just because it’s female-orientated doesn’t mean it’s female-only! Anyone who loves the ocean and waves will froth these stories and the big wave cinematography that comes with them.

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Where can I watch She Surfs Film Tour?


Perth – State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

Wednesday 19 October – 7pm-9:30pm



Sydney North – Hayden Orpheum

Wednesday 16 November – 6:30pm-9pm

– EVENT Cinemas

Wednesday 16 November – 6:30pm-9pm

Sydney East
– Ritz Cinema 

Thursday 17 November – 6:30pm – 9pm

Avoca Beach
– Avoca Beach Picture Theatre

Friday 18 November – 7pm-9:30pm 

– Gala Twin Cinemas

Saturday 19 November – 6:30pm-9pm

Byron Bay
– Palace Cinemas 

Wednesday 23 November – 6:30pm-9pm 



Noosa – The J

Thursday 17 November – 7pm-9:30pm

Gold Coast

Thursday 24 November – 6:30pm-9pm


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