SHACKLETON brings to life a story of Antarctic endurance and stars Tim Jarvis, the only person to have repeated the expedition.


Do you know the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance? Well I put together a report on it in Year Six, and have been waiting 20 years for this moment, so strap in.

In 1914 the British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition left England on the cusp of World War 1 with the intention of crossing Antarctica. The 28 men planned to go from a base on the Weddell Sea to McMurdo Sound (via the South Pole of course), but things quickly went very wrong.

Their ship, literally called the Endurance, became trapped in the ice and drifted for ten months before it was eventually crushed. From this point on the crew spent five more months drifing on ice floes, before escaping to Elephant Island. Here they ate seal and penguin meat, as well as (sadly) their dogs.


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From there six crew including Shackleton sailed 1300km to South Georgia in a whale boat for 16 days. After landing on this small island very east of Argentina they THEN made the first crossing ever to finally find some mates. And it wasn’t an easy island to cross – they put nails in their boots to work as makeshift crampons.

After a few days of rest, Shackleton began organising the rescue of the rest of his men on Elephant Island. It took four months but eventually he got them all and get this…

No one died.


Where to see SHACKLETON

The film is enjoying a limited release in cinemas from the 9th of March 2023.

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Director: Bobbi Hansel & Caspar Mazzotti
Cast: Tim Jarvis
Narration: Rupert Degas
Runtime: 90 minutes


Photos by Caspar Mazzotti

shackleton promo stills, caspar mazzotti