Kate wants to make sure you never forget to bring your towel on adventures, and she’s got the perfect no-compromise solution.

Drip Dry No More

Have you ever heard hikers talk about ‘the extra 10%’? When it comes to pack weight, the rule of thumb is to keep 10% extra room in your pack for a few little luxury items; be it a bottle of wine, a pillow, or that extra pair of socks. For me, the extra 10% is reserved for a hiking towel. 

There’s nothing better than laying on a towel and basking in the sun after a wild swim on a hot summer hike, or the simple comfort of drying your hair inside the tent after a long day walking in the rain. 



Sea to Summit understands the importance of a humble towel, and these are their lightest and most compact on offer – their Airlite Towel can be thrown into your pack without worrying about the extra weight! With so many sizes and colour options, it’s easy to find the right lightweight towel for any adventure.

This year Sea to Summit has released new colours inspired by the landscapes of Australia, from the Central Desert, to the forests of South-West Tassie and the famous blue of Shark Bay.

Who’s Sea to Summit?

Sea to Summit is a Perth-based, award-winning manufacturer of ingeniously designed, omni-terrain outdoor gear. Led by Roland Tyson and his wife Penny, Sea to Summit has grown, Sea to Summit has grown to be the most well-known outdoor gear company in Australia, and for good reason. Their mission is to invent gear that enables freedom and self-reliance in any environment.

So far they’ve been very successful and lived up to their reputation for constantly producing innovative new equipment and technology that pushes the boundaries of how we experience the outdoors.

So how tech can a towel get?


DRY+ Fabric in the Airlite Towels

Made from a blend of recycled polyester, the DRY+ fabric these towels use is super-absorbent and quick drying, making this the most lightweight towel in the Sea to Summit range. It’s 35% lighter than the (already super-light) Pocket towel. 

The texture of the towel is butter-soft and smooth, not like your traditional microfibre towels. Compromising ‘fluffiness’ for packed space and weight saving, they’re designed to uphold minimalism above all else. 

Although the towels can absorb three times their weight in water, they also boast a fast-drying time thanks to their high surface area. The fabric is super easy to clean on the trail by hand, then throw in the washing machine when you get home for a quick refresh. 

Each towel comes with a 70D Nylon stuff sack that can be snap locked to the towel, and doubles as a hang loop for easy drying.


Which size is best for you?


Weighing in at only 12g, the XXS packs down seriously small; we’re talking the size of a ping pong ball. The XXS is the only square shaped towel in the Airlite range at 36 x 36cm, and is the perfect addition to your camp kitchen or toiletries set. 

Thanks to the ultra-fast drying fabric, the XXS makes the perfect dish cloth as it can be used to clean the dishes after breakfast, and be dry by the time you’ve packed down the tent. Otherwise, slip it into your toiletries kit and use it as a face or body washer for longer hikes. 

Whilst the towel is super easy to wash, and can have a multipurpose use, I reckon that with a total of 24g it’s worth colour coordinating and putting one in each set to save on cleaning time.

Price: $17.99 

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At double the length of the XXS (40 x 80cm), the small sized towel still only weighs 30g and packs down to roughly the size of a golf ball. Compact enough to clip onto your bag or dog lead with a small carabiner, it’s perfect for everyday use.



I love to keep this towel in the car for when I head to the gym, have to dry the dog before they make a mess or wiping down gear (think skis, bikes and kayaks). The small towel will save you in those unexpected moments.

Price: $20.99

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The medium is the overnight/multi-day hiker’s best friend. Measuring 50 x 100cm, and weighing in at less than 50g, it’s my go-to for longer hiking trips. It’s a great size for drying your body and hair, whilst still packing down smaller than a tennis ball. 

I use a carabiner to clip it on the outside of my backpack so it’s in an easy-to-reach location after a quick dip or river crossing. Then just hang it on the outside of the pack using the stuff sack hanging loops, and it’ll dry before you sit down for dinner. 

Price: $26.99

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At a whopping 60cm x 120cm, the large towel is more than enough, yet still weighs under 70g and packs down to smaller than a cricket ball. This towel is made for the serious wild swimmers. The hikers that want to lounge around on a towel by a waterfall or swimming hole.



It just fits wrapped around my shoulders or around my waist, and can be tied as a skirt to wear whilst drying off. As an added bonus, we found out during a wilderness first aid training exercise, that this size is perfect for use as a triangular sling or collar and cuff in an emergency.

Price: $31.99

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Don’t Forget to Bring Your Towel!

This entire set only weighs 156g. Proof that you should definitely be able to enjoy the luxury of a towel on the trail without being weighed down. 

The super soft fabric of the Sea to Summit Airlite Towel takes a little getting used to if you prefer a plush towel, but the lightweight and fast drying capabilities make this hiking towel a must-have for hikers wanting to save on pack weight.