Rotpunkt: Bibliographie is the latest short film from Patagonia that follows climbing lord Alex Megos as he defies gravity once again.


This time we’re in France on the super-crag Céüse, where Megos encounters one of his toughest climbs yet, Bibliographie, which sets him off on a three-year journey to tackle the project. Throw in an Olympic qualification and a global pandemic and you’ve got yourself a real challenge. 

Rotpunkt is German for redpoint. It means to successfully free climb a route in one fell swoop, after having practised it beforehand. The 17-minute film captures Megos’ painstaking work on the route – almost 60 days over six different trips – before he finally redpoints the climb, in a heart-thumping finale. 

Megos suggested a 5.15d (9c) grade for the climb up Bibliographie, making it one of the hardest rock climbing pitches ever completed. 

This man is a maniac. Watch it now, what are you waiting for?



Feature photo by Ken Etzel