Regenerating Australia is the exciting new film brought to you by Damon Gameau, director of 2040, and it premieres this Friday! 


Did you ever watch that 2040 doco/film? You know the one that depicts what the world could look like in 2040 if we embraced the technology we already have to combat climate change? 

Well, the director, Damon Gameau is back at it again with a new film, Regenerating Australia – and you can watch the trailer right now!




The film’s presented in the style of a news bulletin, set on New Year’s Eve 2029, and looks back on the decade that was – you know the one that started with the Black Summer bushfires and a global pandemic – and imagines how the decade could end up if we simply listen to the needs of regular Aussies. Not a bad idea hey! 

In order to make the film, Gameau did just that! He spent four months interviewing Aussies from all walks of life about their hopes and dreams for Australia’s future. 

Throughout the film, see if you can spot the familiar faces of Kerry O’Brien, Tim Flannery, Sandra Sully, and David Pocock. 

The official premiere of the film is happening THIS FRIDAY March 4th at Sunset Cinema in North Sydney. There’ll also be a Melbourne screening on Sunday March 6th at the Meet Market in North Melbs. 

Gameau is planning a nation-wide Q&A event series and all screenings will feature an expert panel as well as live entertainment from local artists. 

Check out the current list of screenings and lock in your chance to watch this uplifting film now!

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