Every now and again we see something that completely blows us away. This incredible initiative – called The First Hike Project – is just that. They’re helping refugees feel at home in Australia.

The project strives to help newly arrived refugees connect with what it means to be Australian, immersing them with the sounds, smells and wonders of nature. In turn it provides them with skills and know-how to access this great resource on their doorstep as they settle in our country. They make friends, laugh, feel supported and are offered hope for the future.

The moving film captures the experience that some young immigrants had on a recent hike into the outback with Neil Mcculloch (Founder of the First Hike Project) and volunteers.

Neil is on a mission to help make Australia a country that embraces and gets strengthened by diversity. He’s currently trying to spread this idea national wide, and needs our help to make this happen.

In order to provide more unforgettable overnight hiking experiences they need essential camping and hiking gear to lend to participants, from backpacks and sleeping bags to mozzie spray and head-torches. Guides also need to do remote first aid courses, buy food supplies and and hire minibuses.

You can donate and support this wonderful initiative here.