Reel Rock 12 hits Australia this November. The famous rock climbing film festival showcases a range climbers at the peak of their game. From seasoned professionals to brand new crushers, the 12th instalment will have you crimping the edges of your seat and screaming along with the crowd.


Reel Rock 12 features 4 brand new films that highlight just how varied the climbing scene really is. You’ll meet Margo Hayes, the first woman to climb 5.15 grade climb and Brad Gobright, an up-and-coming free soloist with a donut addiction.

You’ll also see professional climber Chris Sharma’s to the deep water soloing stage and meet Maureen Beck, a one-handed climber who’ll annihilate your excuses.

Whether you’re a climbing fanatic or just have a passing interest, Reel Rock 12 is sure to be an engrossing celebration of all things climb.

The Films

Break On Through

In high-end modern rock climbing, 5.15 is the top of the difficulty scale, a grade achieved by only a few men and never by a woman. Margo Hayes, a little known 19-year-old from Boulder, Colorado, is determined to change that.

To be closer to the world’s hardest routes, she moved to Europe, where she trains and climbs with the single-minded goal of succeeding on one of the famous 5.15s in France and Spain. But pushing her body and mind to the absolute limit, she risks injury and burnout in her quest to be the first. 


Above The Sea

Off the peak of his legendary climbing career, Chris Sharma remains the world’s greatest practitioner of deep water soloing. Ten years after his generation-defining ascent of a majestic arch, legendary climber Chris Sharma returns to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca where he discovers a beautiful, sweeping wall with small holds running up its face.

If he can link the moves, and endure the numerous heart-stopping plunges into the sea, he will establish what may be the world’s hardest deep water solo climb to date.


Safety Third

For most climbers, it’s safety first. But Brad Gobright is definitely not most climbers. Fuelled by day-old donuts and unhindered by a fear of falling, this young talent is pushing the limits of scary trad and free solo ropeless climbing in his backyard playground of Eldorado Canyon.

Having survived a few big scares, Brad is determined to make his boldest ascent yet – a first-ever free solo of one of Eldo’s most exposed and difficult routes.



Maureen Beck is not here to be your inspiration. “People say, ‘look a one-armed climber, now I have no excuses.’ I’m like dude, you never had any excuses in the first place.” And she is not making excuses for herself. Beck may have been born missing her lower left arm, but that hasn’t stopped her from going hard.

She pushes her “stump” to the limit, takes whippers on 5.12, and crushes overhanging boulders, while shotgunning beers between burns. ”I don’t want to just be a good one armed climber,” says Beck. “I want to be a good climber.”


Reel Rock, Maureen Beck, Stumped, Photo by Cedar Wright

Tour Dates & Tickets

Wollongong – November 9 – Tickets

Halls Gap – November 10 – Tickets

Hobart – November 11 – Tickets

Canberra – November 14 – Tickets

Perth – November 14 – Tickets

Adelaide – November 15 – Tickets

Melbourne – November 21 – Tickets

Sydney (Roseville) – November 22 – Tickets

Geelong – November 25 – Tickets

Brisbane – November 28 – Tickets

Sydney (Paddington) – November 29 – Tickets

Mount Victoria (Blue Mountains) – December 6 – Tickets

Bright – December 9 – Tickets

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